Famous Tennis Tykes: A Quiz!

Normally we’d be having oodles of fun today with our worst-dressed fashion face-off. But then I got to thinking: Is this really who we want to be as tennis fans? After everything we’ve been through during this ongoing pandemic nightmare, shouldn’t we focus our energies on building each other up? Supporting each other through our travails, sartorial or otherwise? Have we learned nothing?

A blog is a powerful platform, one I should be using to further the causes of self-esteem, mental health, and general fashion tolerance. No longer will we be poking fun at people for outfits they had no hand in choosing. From now on, this blog will be dedicated to positivity and warm, fuzzy feelings.

(Also, I couldn’t find any worst-dressed nominees for Wimbledon. Such is the drawback of a dress code. We’ll revisit these high-minded ideals once the US Open starts.)

But fear not—we still have interactive photographic content to, um, interact with. Behold this nifty quiz, featuring our favorite stars’ warm and fuzzy childhood photos brazenly ripped from the internet. (If this blog gets shut down, you’ll know why.)

Enjoy–and if you like it, please share it by email or social media!

Name That Tennis Tyke!


12 thoughts on “Famous Tennis Tykes: A Quiz!

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    1. Sorry—maybe I made it too hard. I wanted a mix of obvious and not obvious, but it’s difficult to judge when I already know the answers. I thought Djokovic, Federer and Nadal were pretty obvious, although I concede that Gasquet in that Nadal photo makes it a tough question. Agassi’s eyebrows are kind of a giveaway to me. Steffi’s eyes. Tracy Austin’s magazine cover photo has a date on it so that could help narrow it down. But yeah. I could have made it easier, although on the other hand I have to work with the photos I can find.

      Oh well, one of these days I’ll make a quiz that hits the difficulty sweet spot! 🙄

  1. You got me worried with all that ethical rumination. I’m glad to hear it was just a lack of choices after all. I expect the Worst Dressed to be back as the next tournament gets into full swing.

    Meanwhile — I did a pathetic job on your adorable quiz. Great photos! At least I knew that was ONE of the Wiliams sisters, even if I got the wrong one.

    1. I wouldn’t have known which Williams sister it was, either. I wouldn’t have known Kyrgios. The Sharapova picture could have been any of the choices. Next quiz will be easier!

      Of course I was writing all that positivity stuff tongue-in-cheek (wait—can you write tongue-in-cheek. Maybe you write thumb-in-palm.) But then I started kind of convincing myself. Why AM I so mean and snarky? It’s prompted a lot of soul searching for me.

      But I expect to be over it by the US Open.

  2. Being competitive I’d like to know who had the most correct. Always fun!
    When are we going to hit? Susan and I are up for doubles with any takers.

    1. I can’t see people’s scores—sorry! I got a perfect 10, if that helps.

      Tennis is ON. But we’d have to break up you and Susan. You’ve had this whole year to work out your strategies and signals. 😆

  3. The material the racquets are made of also clued you in who it might be. Is a 6 out of 10 a D minus)?

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