Andy Murray Is on Tennis Channel Right Now

Any Andy Murray fans out there? After hip surgery and fearing he’d never be able to compete again, he’s back playing doubles on grass at Queens Club in England, a warm-up tournament to Wimbledon. I just happened to turn on the Tennis Channel–and there he is!

They’re still in the first set, so go turn it on!!!

Friday Fashion Face-off***: French Open Worst-Dressed Award

(***Or, Tuesday Tennis Togs Take-down?)

Shame on me for letting our worst-dressed award day pass by without a poll. Saying I was busy is a poor excuse because snarking at fugly clothes should be my top priority, even more than improving my tennis game.

Let’s not waste any more time, then. Our nominees for worst-dressed player at the French Open are [drum roll]: Continue reading “Friday Fashion Face-off***: French Open Worst-Dressed Award”

Friday Fashion Face-Off: French Open 2019 Best-Dressed Woman

Hurray for the second Friday of a slam, the day when we get to vote for the best-dressed woman! I’m so excited for today’s Fashion Face-off I haven’t even watched the Rafa-Roger semi yet. Is it over? Did it get rained out? Is Rafa still in contention for title #12?

No, don’t tell me! I’m going to watch it right after I post.

So here’s a strange thing. We have three stylish American nominees today…yet I wouldn’t wear a single one of these outfits. What’s my problem, anyway? I’m the same way with jewelry. I like it in the store. And I like it on other people. But I don’t like it on me. Weird, right? Continue reading “Friday Fashion Face-Off: French Open 2019 Best-Dressed Woman”

Friday Fashion Face-off: 2019 French Open Best-Dressed Man

We’ve reached the first Friday of the current Slam, the time when we’d normally be considering the nominees for the best-dressed man. I’ve been looking for nominees–truly I have–but they’re plum hard to find this year. The best we may be able to hope for is most adequately dressed man.

Let’s muddle through with what we have, shall we? Continue reading “Friday Fashion Face-off: 2019 French Open Best-Dressed Man”

Let’s Talk Lets

Any engineers out there? I need a new product developed asap.

One of the biggest annoyances of playing outside is the frequency of balls rolling onto neighboring courts. A few private clubs provide net dividers between outdoor courts, but they’re rare. And they’re non-existent at public courts, the usual haunt of schlubs like me.

What I need is a portable netting system, compact enough to toss into my tennis bag. I envision it working like those old prank snakes, coiled in a soup can-sized box. Remember those? The unsuspecting victim unsnaps the lid and the snake springs out, life-sized.

Net dividers between courts are large, but let’s face it. They’re mostly holes, right? There’s not a lot of actual material to them. So we just need to compress it all down into a small box, add some springs and whatnot, and presto! Instant tennis curtain.

(True, stuffing it back into the box after the match could present a challenge. Maybe the loser has to do that.)

If someone could get to work on this product, I’d appreciate it. In the meantime, we’re left to deal with annoying ball interruptions every few minutes. So let’s talk about lets. Continue reading “Let’s Talk Lets”

Confidence Crises


On Sunday, Rafael Nadal finally won his first clay court title of the year–in fact, his first title on any surface this year.

And–finally–we have a new blog post! I have been remiss. Inexcusably so, but let me offer some excuses anyway. First, I was taking a novel-writing class, so I was spending my creative juices elsewhere.

And two, I just wasn’t feeling it. I wasn’t sure I had the bloggerly chops to tackle some bigger topics. I wasn’t sure the blog even mattered–to me or to anyone else. Out of nowhere, I was having a mini-crisis in confidence.

Which brings us back to Rafa. (You know everything eventually goes back to Rafa.) Continue reading “Confidence Crises”

Friday Fashion Face-off: Worst-Dressed…and a Blogiversary!

LittleYellowBall turned one on Tuesday, and I can’t think of a better way to celebrate than with a “worst dressed” poll. Here are the cringe-worthy nominees from Indian Wells and Miami. Continue reading “Friday Fashion Face-off: Worst-Dressed…and a Blogiversary!”

April’s Challenge: Batman Yoga

A while back, I took some time off from tennis. Three years, actually. Hard to believe I didn’t play for so long when nowadays even a week without tennis makes me cranky.

For exercise during the hiatus, I ran and did some weights, as I had already been doing. And I added something new–yoga.

When I returned to tennis, I was surprised that not only did my game come back pretty quickly, but in some ways I was playing better than I had before. My strokes felt longer and more fluid, and I more easily handled balls outside my ideal strike zone. Continue reading “April’s Challenge: Batman Yoga”

Friday Fashion Face-off: A Combined Best Dressed

Are you going through Fashion Face-off withdrawal? Me, too. I initially planned to do them every Friday, but tennis fashion just doesn’t change often enough for me to maintain that pace.

However, I did see some new duds during the tournaments at Indian Wells and Miami. Let’s do a combined Best Dressed for the two tournaments. Continue reading “Friday Fashion Face-off: A Combined Best Dressed”

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