Friday Fashion Face-off: A Study in Brown

Novak Djokovic’s career has been in something of a tailspin over the last year. Plagued by persistent elbow pain and an admitted drop in motivation, he axed his entire team, including his long-time coach, to shake himself out of his slump. He brought on Andre Agassi as an advisor, only to dump him a few months later.

In the last few weeks, he has reunited with his old coach, and we can only hope he’ll return to form soon. He won a tough three-setter against Kei Nishikori today and looked to be rediscovering some of his old drive.

While I was watching this match, I suddenly noticed another change Djokovic has made. He’s no longer sporting Uniqlo. Instead he’s being sponsored by Lacoste which today outfitted him in this red and white ensemble: Continue reading “Friday Fashion Face-off: A Study in Brown”

My Guilty-Pleasure Player

I had a post all written for today–a strategic analysis of the “serve or receive” question. But interesting things are always happening in the tennis world, and now you’ll have to wait until Monday for my serve/receive post.

What caught my eye this morning was this article on about Maria Sharapova asking Rafael Nadal to hit some balls with her at the Italian Open. Of course Rafa said yes. He’s just that kind of guy. Continue reading “My Guilty-Pleasure Player”

Supporting Your Partner

“You never want to point fingers in doubles. It doesn’t end well.” –Mark Knowles


A doubles partner has to wear many hats. He has to be a strategist, a poacher, and a baseline anchor. He has to set you up at net with a serve up the T and chase down the lobs that go over your head.

And sometimes he has to be the sports psychologist. When you’re missing your returns, or netting your volleys, or double-faulting away service games, a good doubles partner has to pull you back from the brink of total collapse. Continue reading “Supporting Your Partner”

Friday Fashion Face-off: To Tuck or Not to Tuck

When it comes to fashion, I’m always late to the party. It was only last year that I decided skinny jeans might actually look better than boot cut. By the time I actually invest in a new fad, it’s already on its way out. I’m kind of like the harbinger of death for any fashion trend.

Which is why I’m surprised that I’m open to one of the latest trends in women’s tennis togs–the tucked-in top. Not that it’s a new trend. Chris Evert and Steffi Graf spring to mind as examples of neat-as-a-pin tuckers. Continue reading “Friday Fashion Face-off: To Tuck or Not to Tuck”

The Envelope, Please…

The winner of the 2018 LYB Acronym Challenge is….Martha!

Everyone brought great ideas to this challenge, and I learned something from all the acronyms. Love the enthusiasm and the way almost all the acronyms passed my totally arbitrary three-prong test.

I say “almost all,” because Martha lost a point with SHAPE. Not really a tennis term, or a competition term. But she gained back TWO points with her very lawyerly argument that she is “shaping” her approach to the match. Very clever.

I like SHAPE because it covers so many of the bases, including the all-important height of the opponents, and because each of the acronym components changes Martha’s game plan. Also, the idea of one of the opponents being “the boss” just cracks me up. I don’t know why.

So, Martha, start your bragging. And let me know what kind of tennis balls you want–extra duty for hard courts, or regular duty for clay.

Congratulations, Martha, and thank you to everyone for taking part! I thought this was kind of fun. We may have to have another challenge soon.

Tick, tick, tick… Time is running out to enter the acronym contest! Here’s the scoop:

Write an acronym about what to look for when assessing your opponent’s game. Ideally, the acronym will spell a word with some relevance to tennis. Winner gets a can of tennis balls. Get the full story at Sizing Up the Opponent.

Deadline is tonight at 9! Good luck!

Friday Fashion Face-off: Serena vs. Serena

We’re back for another round of Friday Fashion Face-off, the perfect way to kick off the weekend. It’s time to kick back, sip your Chardonnay, and contemplate Serena’s abs. Continue reading “Friday Fashion Face-off: Serena vs. Serena”

Sizing Up the Opponent

After a match a few years back, my partner and I asked our coach for his feedback. I don’t remember the match or much of what our coach said. All I remember is his final question: Why’d you keep hitting to the lefty’s forehand?

My partner and I exchanged looks. There was a lefty? Continue reading “Sizing Up the Opponent”

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