The Beetle and the Ballboy

Here’s a little fable that played out at the Australian Open this morning. Top-ranked Novak Djokovic was playing Daniil Medvedev, seeded 15. Djokovic was up a break and receiving serve at 5-2.

A beetle on the baseline caught Djokovic’s attention. He bent over and flicked it with his racquet a couple of times, trying to move it off the court. Then he tried picking it up while a ballboy stood a few feet away. Unsuccessful, he finally stepped back to let the ballboy take over. Continue reading “The Beetle and the Ballboy”

Friday Fashion Face-off: Australian Open’s Best Dressed Man

Can I rant for a minute? (Of course I can. It’s my blog.) I have a bill due on the 22nd. That’s Tuesday. Today is Friday, so four days away.

If I send my payment through my bank’s bill pay service, it won’t arrive until Wednesday. Five days for something that’s fully automated. If I sent it via snail mail, the post office would deliver my original handwritten check to its destination on Monday, Tuesday at the latest. Human beings can carry my piece of paper from Massachusetts to Delaware–for a mere 49 cents–faster than computers can electronically move the money.

Unless, of course, I want to pay extra. Then my bank can just about manage to keep up with the post office.

Meanwhile, in completely unrelated news this week, Bank of America posted record earnings for 4Q 2018. It’s enough to make me very cranky.

Let’s cheer ourselves up with some men in shorts. Continue reading “Friday Fashion Face-off: Australian Open’s Best Dressed Man”

The New York Open

This week and next, thousands of people will get to watch the Australian Open in person, and you won’t. Hardly seems fair, does it?

On the other hand, Australia’s really far, and I’m guessing decent seats are kind of pricey. Plus, from what I see on television, there are a lot of bugs. I hate bugs. Continue reading “The New York Open”

The Ranking System, and a Poll

Consider this scenario:

You and I are professional tennis players. (You like this scenario already, don’t you?) I’m the #1 ranked player in the world. You’re #2.

We both enter the Australian Open. You lose in round 2. I do better, eventually losing in the quarterfinals.

The tournament ends, and you become world #1.

Seems impossible, but it can happen, thanks to the sport’s quirky point system. Continue reading “The Ranking System, and a Poll”

The Aussie Open Trivia Quiz

The Australian Open starts in just five days! Seems like a good time for another trivia quiz, doesn’t it?

The last quiz was WAY too hard, so I’m going easy on you this time. I know some smartypants is going to get a perfect score. Will it be you???

The Aussie Open Trivia Quiz

January Challenge: Meditation

It’s a new year here at LittleYellowBall (and everywhere else, too), and I can’t think of a better way to kick it off than with some David Foster Wallace. Here’s a snippet of brilliance from his essay “How Tracy Austin Broke My Heart”: Continue reading “January Challenge: Meditation”

The Festivus Post

“I’ve got a lot of problems with you people, and now you’re gonna hear about it!”

Oh, how I love the Costanzas.

Festivus is upon us, and as promised, I’m here to air my tennis grievance. It’ll be tough, but I’m going to limit myself to one. Continue reading “The Festivus Post”

Penultimate Post of 2018

The touring pros are on vacation, and my recreational leagues are on break. Seems like a good time for LittleYellowBall to put its feet up too. (Yes, my blog has feet.)

But before we go, here’s a mini-recap of what I’ve learned from doing this blog, as well as a sneak peek at what’s ahead. Continue reading “Penultimate Post of 2018”

Three Ways I Overthink

Thinking is a real asset on the tennis court–except when it’s not. For me, thinking sometimes gets in the way of playing. My conscious brain gets in gear, and my shots go all to hell. But as they say, recognizing that you have a problem is the first step to solving it. Here, then, are three situations where thinking is my enemy. Continue reading “Three Ways I Overthink”

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