Eight Random Thoughts about Agassi’s “Open”

Many years ago on a bright, early fall afternoon, I was walking down a street in Manhattan. I can’t remember who was with me or where we were headed, but as we approached the steps leading down to a subway, a young man came up the stairs and emerged into the sunshine.

It was Andre Agassi, in full ragamuffin glory–his hair (or hairpiece, as we now know) blond and shaggy, his clothes so very late-’80s. His face lit up as his eyes met mine. He could see I recognized him, and he was expecting me to approach. Not only expecting it, but wanting it. At this moment in time, he was clearly savoring the perks of his new stardom, not hiding beneath a baseball cap and dark glasses. Continue reading “Eight Random Thoughts about Agassi’s “Open””

Loopy Tennis

True story (at least I think it’s true):

One of my tennis buds told me about a match she played many years ago. The night before, she’d been at a party and sampled a hash brownie. When the effects didn’t kick in right away, she decided to try a second, and then a third. Continue reading “Loopy Tennis”

An “Open” Snippet

Back in December, I said I was planning to read Andre Agassi’s memoir, Open, and asked if anyone wanted to read it with me. Well, I finally picked up the book–and I’d love to have someone to talk/post with about the book when I’m done.

Here are the memoir’s opening paragraphs, just to pique your interest:

I open my eyes and don’t know where I am or who I am. Not all that unusual–I’ve spent half my life not knowing. Still, this feels different. This confusion is more frightening. More total. Continue reading “An “Open” Snippet”

February Challenge: Planks

In tennis, your shots are only as strong as your core.

Okay, I just made that up. But it sounds true, doesn’t it? Your core is key for stability and transferring energy from the legs up through the torso. More importantly, without a solid core, we’re not going to look as good in our tennis outfits. Continue reading “February Challenge: Planks”

Friday Fashion Face-Off: Australian Open Worst-Dressed Award

The trophies have been awarded and the giant checks cashed, but we’re not done with the Australian Open yet. Today we recognize the worst of the worst in an overall fashion-challenged Slam. Continue reading “Friday Fashion Face-Off: Australian Open Worst-Dressed Award”

A Sad Day for Cougar Tennis Fans


That’s the cry heard around the world today as we learned that Rafa Nadal has finally gotten engaged to longtime girlfriend Xisca Perello. (Actually, he popped the question back in May, but they kept it secret until now…which is kind of weird.)

I haven’t been this distraught since Bjorn Borg married. Why do my tennis men forsake me?!

I’ll pull myself together and be back with our Worst-Dressed fashion face-off on Friday.

Friday Fashion Face-off: Australian Open’s Best-Dressed Woman

We’re almost at the end of the Australian Open, which can only mean one thing: It’s time for another “Best Dressed” poll! So let’s put our feet up and ponder these fashion nominees: Continue reading “Friday Fashion Face-off: Australian Open’s Best-Dressed Woman”

The Beetle and the Ballboy

Here’s a little fable that played out at the Australian Open this morning. Top-ranked Novak Djokovic was playing Daniil Medvedev, seeded 15. Djokovic was up a break and receiving serve at 5-2.

A beetle on the baseline caught Djokovic’s attention. He bent over and flicked it with his racquet a couple of times, trying to move it off the court. Then he tried picking it up while a ballboy stood a few feet away. Unsuccessful, he finally stepped back to let the ballboy take over. Continue reading “The Beetle and the Ballboy”

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