Friday Fashion Face-off: Best-Dressed Woman at 2022 Wimbledon

After a brief hiatus, we’re back with our Wimbledon face-off. Well, the women’s face-off, anyway. The men look completely indistinguishable to me.

And on first blush, I thought the women’s outfits would be a bore, too, but on closer inspection, there’s more to like than expected. In fact, even as I type out this sentence, I’m debating whether to have four nominees instead of our usual three. We’ll just have to wait to the end of the post to find out…

Nominee #1: Ajla Tomljanovic

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I don’t often (or ever?) nominate polo-style sportswear in the women’s category. It’s too buttoned up, literally, for my taste. But I appreciate that her clothing sponsor, Original Penquin, is going for a look, rather than just a (non)color scheme. Besides, if you’re going to button up, the All England Lawn Tennis Club is the place to do it. With this proper ensemble, the Australian can transition seamlessly from the court to courtside for a spot of tea and a lovely digestive biscuit.

Nominee #2: Coco Gauff

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This one’s fun, isn’t it? New Balance keeps things cool and airy with the large mesh overlay on the skort and accents on the shirt. The look is both striking and unfussy, much like the American teen’s straight-up power game.

Nominee #3: Heather Watson

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I love a good half-zip, don’t you? A full zipper is almost always strictly utilitarian. Although it takes up more real estate, you barely notice it. A half-zip, though, is more fashion than function. Your eye is instantly drawn to it, especially when combined with a sexy halter-style neckline. The New Balance dress fits the Brit beautifully, highlighting her easy athletic grace.

As you can see, I decided to stick with three. The fourth contender would have been American Desirae Krawczyk, mixed doubles champion with Britain’s Neal Skupski, if you want to go look up the almost-ran.

(Come to think of it, this is quite the Anglophile face-off, all citizens of Britain and its erstwhile empire.)



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