Friday Fashion Face-off: Best-dressed Woman, 2022 Australian Open

My apologies for being so late with the face-offs! I got so wrapped up in Rafa’s run to the title that I lost track of time. And then there was the week-long post-victory bacchanalia… 

To be honest, I wasn’t feeling it with this slam’s crop of clothing. It’s an odd tournament when I find better outfits among the men than the women. But enough about ho-hum habiliments. Let’s get on with the voting.

Nominee #1: Ash Barty

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Here’s a confession: I’m actually not crazy about Barty’s outfit. I like the top. I like the skirt. I just don’t want the top and the skirt together. It’s too much print. She looks like she’s wearing The Wall Street Journal. 

Then why, you reasonably ask, is the Australian champion here?

More than one person wrote to me asking for her to be included. I started thinking, “Maybe I’m wrong. Maybe this Fila combo really IS a great outfit.” After all, we established long ago that I’m in no way qualified to blog about fashion. Case in point: For this week’s match, I wore an excessively flouncy purple skirt with a long, shapeless gray tank top and blue tennis shoes. Who am I to say the Barty advocates are wrong?

Nominee #2: Shelby Rogers

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Embed from Getty Images

There’s something very retro about this Fila dress. It strikes me as something Grace Kelly might have worn. Come to think of it, Shelby shares that same classic beauty. The dress’s cut flatters the American’s curves without being tight, short or revealing. It’s old-school sexy.

I did find myself wondering how practical that beautiful back-dipping neckline is. Doesn’t it look like the dress might slip off your shoulder while you’re playing? (I checked online, and, no, the cross straps are not part of the dress.) I think I’d find the neckline distracting. Shelby lost in the first round, so maybe she did, too.

Nominee #3: Camila Giorgi

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Embed from Getty Images

Pink can be a tough color to get right. There’s always the risk of going too childish or girly—or, at the other extreme, too loud and punk. Here, Giorgi’s new tennis brand, Giomila, opts for a lovely, romantic shade, elevated by the subdued floral print. 

The Italian powerhouse won last year’s Wimbledon Fashion Face-off. Can she add to her trophy total with a win today?


Let me know what you think!

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