Friday Fashion Face-off: Best-dressed Woman, 2022 Australian Open

My apologies for being so late with the face-offs! I got so wrapped up in Rafa’s run to the title that I lost track of time. And then there was the week-long post-victory bacchanalia… 

To be honest, I wasn’t feeling it with this slam’s crop of clothing. It’s an odd tournament when I find better outfits among the men than the women. But enough about ho-hum habiliments. Let’s get on with the voting. Continue reading “Friday Fashion Face-off: Best-dressed Woman, 2022 Australian Open”

Friday Fashion Face-off: The Halloween Edition

Scary movies, candy, and the color orange make Halloween just about the perfect holiday. (Christmas still rules, thanks to the lights and the Chipmunks’ song, but Halloween runs a very close second.) Continue reading “Friday Fashion Face-off: The Halloween Edition”

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