Friday Fashion Face-off: Best-dressed Man, 2021 US Open

Every slam, it’s the same story. I’m completely blindsided by the first Friday. How can it be time for another best-dressed man contest??

Fortunately, I was sent a gentle reminder by good friend and blog reader Eileen. An avid student of the game, Eileen went to the US Open for the opportunity to study the finer points of strategy and stroke execution. So dedicated is she in her quest for tennis excellence that she even shot some instructional video to continue her studies at home:


I’m not sure what tips Eileen hopes to glean from this video, but I thank her for sharing it and reminding me that it’s time to talk about the men.

Nominee #1: Novak Djokovic

Embed from Getty Images


Have you been watching Djokovic’s run at a historic Grand Slam? He’d be the first person to do it in singles since Steffi Graf’s 1988 title sweep. It’s an exciting moment for our sport. I’m almost rooting for him.

And I’m almost rooting for this Lacoste outfit. I know that sounds like faint praise for a best-dressed nominee. Let me explain the problem. On the one hand, the colors are nice and his sneakers match.

On the other hand, I don’t like him.

But the fashion face-off should be above such small-mindedness. I should be above such small-mindedness. So in the interest of being a better human being, I’m giving a nod to the Serb.

Nominee #2: Matteo Berrettini

Embed from Getty Images

Ah, Matteo. The Italian star is developing quite a following among female fans. In fact, someone recently forwarded a picture of him with this directive: “Please do a post about this guy with lots of photos.” (No, it wasn’t Eileen.)

First of all, you should know Berrettini’s in a pretty solid relationship with Australian player Ajla Tomljanovic.

Second, LittleYellowBall adheres to the highest standards of journalistic and professional integrity. If a player’s photo appears in this blog, you can be damn sure it’s because of what we can learn about tennis fashion and not just as an excuse for you to slobber all over your laptop. Publishing an image like this…

Embed from Getty Images

and this…

Embed from Getty Images

and especially this…

Embed from Getty Images


would simply pander to the basest of instincts, reducing this blog to nothing more than a supermarket tabloid.

I’m sorry—what were we talking about? Oh, right, the face-off. So, yeah, anyway, Matteo is wearing Lotto with coordinating lime-green… Oh, who am I kidding? I know I lost you all back at the photos.

Nominee #3: Kei Nishikori

Embed from Getty Images


I really love the color of this Uniqlo shirt, with the contrasting bands on the sleeves. I also like the crisp white headband which makes the white shorts part of the outfit rather than just bland background. The Japanese player looks totally put together without looking like he’s trying too hard—not an easy feat.

Only a couple of months ago, Nishikori won the prestigious French Open fashion face-off, even beating out the ever-dapper Roger Federer. Can he pull off another victory in the year’s final slam?

(My apologies in advance if the poll is tough to read. The plug-in seems to give me only white font now. If I want legible black font, that’s an upgrade. I’ll try to figure out a solution.)

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  1. Why is it that you “don’t like” Novak?? I noticed you mentioned this in a previous blog. He’s always been my favorite player…

    1. I keep thinking about your question and coming up with not very convincing answers: I don’t like his chest thumping and arrogant on-court behavior; I don’t like his “cringe-worthy” (to quote Kyrgios) post-match celebration routine; I don’t like his hair (what IS that dead animal on top of his head???)

      These aren’t very good reasons, are they? I guess it all amounts to him rubbing me the wrong way. I recognize he’s an incredible player. I respect his game. I used to love his player impersonations and wish he’d bring them back. He conducts himself well in interviews. Yet I just don’t like him. Weird, I guess, but then I’m totally awesome and there are people who don’t like me. People are just strange that way. 🙂

  2. Yes, Berretinni is heart-throb handsome… but isn’t this supposed to be a vote about FASHION?!? I say Nishikori edged them both out in the clothing ensemble department.

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