Friday Fashion Face-off: Best-dressed Woman at 2021 US Open

Yes, I know it’s Sunday. Friday is a state of mind.

What a strange and wonderful Open it’s been on the women’s side. I won’t comment on the
results of the final since some people may have recorded it, but both young women were
deserving of the title, much like our best-dressed nominees.

Nominee #1: Emma Raducanu

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Back in the first round, I caught some of Stefanie Vogele’s match against the British qualifier. As I made note of Raducanu’s outfit, I thought, “Golly, my face-off readers aren’t going to
know who this player is.”

You probably know who she is now.

This cute ensemble is part of Nike’s varsity-themed line. You can see the cheerleader influence
in the skirt, and the colors couldn’t be more collegiate. It’s a young and fresh look, totally in keeping with this slam’s surprise teen theme.

Nominee #2: Viktorija Golubic

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For the second nominee, I was torn between the Swiss Golubic (above) and Canada’s Leylah
Fernandez (below), who wore the Asics top with a white skirt. It would have been fun to have the two improbable finalists engage in one more battle in the face-off.

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But I couldn’t warm to the white skirt—too voluminous, especially considering her petite frame,
and it didn’t seem to relate to the top in any way. Instead, Golubic gets the nomination. The
small pleats maintain the right proportion with the top, and the monochromatic navy is
streamlined and slimming. (Not too many available photos of Golubic, but I think you get the

Nominee #3: Angelique Kerber

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If you gave me a million years and an infinite wardrobe, I wouldn’t think to put together olive
camo and peachy pink. Yet look how fun this Adidas combo is! This is why I write a blog instead of designing clothes.

My favorite part of the German’s outfit is the wide straps which merge into a single tapering column in the back:

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Very dramatic!

Runner-up: Sloane Stephens

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I don’t think I’ve ever nominated a brand twice in one poll, but there’s so much variety in the
Nike line these days that I don’t feel like I’m repeating myself by giving Sloane an also-ran nod.
Between the old-school navy blue/forest green color scheme and the empire waist, the dress
exudes tradition and class—and elegant Sloane is the perfect model for it.

Kudos to Nike for diversifying its line and saving us from looking at the same friggin’ outfit on
every player. (Do you think Nike did it to try to score more Fashion Face-off nominations???)

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  1. Emma and Sloane are both killing it in their Nike outfits. I love the Asics too too, but it just isn’t as exciting. And while I agree with you about the back of the Adidas top, I think the front looks clunky. And I hate camo. So there’s that.

    Yes, we all know who Emma is now. Wow.

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