Friday Fashion Face-off: Best-dressed Woman, 2021 Wimbledon

Tomorrow morning Ash Barty and Karolina Pliskova face off on the hallowed grounds of Wimbledon. But first they’ll have to duke it out here, in the mucky bog of my blog. Will one of them take home the title of Best-dressed Woman, or will it be the surprise contender who steals the show?

Nominee #1: Ash Barty

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The world’s top-ranked player usually favors an unfussy style, so she surprised me a little with the ultra-girly eyelet pattern and scalloped hem of this skirt. Designed at Barty’s request, the Fila outfit is an homage to Evonne Goolagong’s dress during her victorious 1971 Wimbledon run. Goolagong was the first Indigenous Australian to win a grand slam—and the only one to do it until Ash Barty came along. Kudos to Barty and Fila for honoring the 50th anniversary of Goolagong’s groundbreaking achievement.

Of course, it doesn’t matter how inspiring the back story is if the outfit is ugly. Fortunately this one is charm itself, much like Ash Barty.

Nominee #2: Karolina Pliskova

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Also sporting Fila is the 13th-ranked Czech. The beautiful fit alone would earn this outfit a nomination, but it’s the back that really catches my eye:

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At first I thought it was Pliskova’s sports bra producing that four-petal cut-out design, but in fact it’s the shirt itself. It’s a small detail, but that cheery little flower makes me smile every time I see it.

Nominee #3: Camila Giorgi

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The Italian hasn’t appeared in our face-offs for a while. Her mother designs and sews her tennis outfits, and the results have always been hit-or-miss for me. Often the clothes are too tight or preposterously flouncy or obscenely short. (I know—for her many male fans, nothing can ever be too tight or too short.)

This time, Giorgi’s mom nails it. The lace overlay exudes the requisite Wimbledon class, while the see-through back keeps it sexy. What’s more, the cut flatters her—nothing tight, flouncy or obscene about it. Way to go, Mom.

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  1. Giorgi’s outfit is so clean and refined. Yes tennis is a business, but it seems more and more players are going the route of Nascar drivers – sporting multiple sponsor names on their apparel. I understand a simple Nike swoop, or the Fila “F”, but the other names – Jaguar on Barty, Barilla on Coco Gauff – distract from the style of their outfits.

    1. I agree about the sponsor labels. I can’t imagine that’s even effective advertising. (But if it is effective, maybe I should see if I can get a player to wear a Little Yellow Ball logo!)

      Did you watch the match? What did you think?

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