Friday Fashion Face-Off: Australian Open Worst-Dressed Award

The trophies have been awarded and the giant checks cashed, but we’re not done with the Australian Open yet. Today we recognize the worst of the worst in an overall fashion-challenged Slam.

Before we get to the nominees, let’s talk about this outfit, worn by Petra Kvitova:

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I’m crazy for this half-zip top, a nice departure from a standard-issue tank. The Nike-sponsored players wore it various ways–zipped up or down, white or black sports bra peeking out. Nicely fitted, this shirt manages to be sporty and refined at the same time.

What a shame that it’s paired with that hideous skirt. As much as I like the skirt’s color–which is what, exactly?–I detest that skinny, puckered hem. Even worse is the puckering from the elastic waistband. I thought we retired that look when we discovered the smoother silhouette afforded by wider waistbands and better fabrics. Frankly, this skirt looks like something I could make. That’s not a compliment.

But puckering alone can’t land someone on the worst-dressed list. For that dishonor, you need just the right top…

Nominee #1: Genie Bouchard

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This may well be the most heinous top I’ve ever seen. There is nothing–and I mean nothing–redeeming about this crime against sportswear. The too-high neckline. The oddly long sleeves. The awkwardly cropped hem. The ridiculous knot on the side. A fashion atrocity from start to finish.

Nominee #2: Serena Williams

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Another Slam, another “worst dressed” nomination for Serena.

Let’s face it. Serena has a unique body type for a professional tennis player. So I tried to consider this unitard as a piece of clothing only. The fact is, this green getup would look ridiculous on anyone.

I’m not sure what Serena’s trying to accomplish with her fashion choices (French Open cat suit, US Open tutu), but I’m getting tired of including her here.

Nominee #3: Maria Sharapova

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Considering the competition, I don’t expect Maria to garner many votes in this poll. To be honest, if any other player wore this dress, I’d barely notice. But Maria is this sport’s fashion icon. We’ve come to expect glitz and glamour from this superstar. When the bar is set so high, this sad, drab dress can only disappoint.

By the way, you can blame Nike for all three of these abominations. Hear that swoosh? That’s Nike’s credibility going down the toilet.

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    1. All right, I guess that’s kind of cool. Still not one of her better looks. I expect more from her!

  1. I vote for the Bouchard outfit, because Serena is Serena and there are many other priorities on her fashion checklist than just looking good. Bouchard isn’t the only one who wore this top, but I noticed that the other players, I think maybe Svitolina and Halep retired it after one day of readjusting the riding-up bottom hem, stretching the neckline, etc. I also disliked that skirt, not just for the style but also the drab color. Overall, there were many drab colors, and even though I did like Kvitova’s top, it was also kind of boring. And just to be complete my response, I liked Sharapova’s dress. It was simple and a nice color, light blue!!!!

  2. It WAS a very drab Open, wasn’t it? Very strange.

    I didn’t hate Sharapova’s dress. It’s just not up to her usual high-fashion standard. Plus I wasn’t crazy about the mottled, tie-dye-ish coloration of the fabric. It looked like it had sweat stains before she even started playing. It’s certainly the best of the three nominees, though!

    I voted for Bouchard because, well, that top. Also because she’s fun to hate. 😂 But mostly because of that top. It’s beyond ugly.

  3. I agree with Diane In disliking the color of that Nike gray-charcoal skirt. It was paired with a large variety of tops…and it did not enhance or “click” with any of them. Deb, did you say you Liked the Color??? What color top would you pair it with?

    1. Yes, I DID say I liked the color. How about a bold red top? Or a simple white tank? Not that it would win any “best dressed” awards, but it would be a perfectly fine combo for a club player–provided the skirt is straight and simple and unpuckered. I’m not saying it would be my favorite outfit, or even that I would choose to buy it at all. Just that the problem with the skirt, IMO, is not the color but the cut, shape and stupid hem.

      I agree that no top worn by the Nike players worked with that skirt. I think I saw at least four different tops–all terrible with the skirt, color-wise. But other than the half-zip top in the first picture of this post, I wouldn’t like those tops with any skirt. Just a bad, sad Slam for Nike.

  4. Sadly, I had to vote for Serena. I hate the top on Bouchard more, but the skirt seems OK. But Serena’s outfit, from color to strange stripe to cut of the bottom, I hate every bit of it. So sad since she’s so amazing. I think she could psych out her opponents with a gorgeous sleek outfit. Even the black catsuit is better, slightly.

  5. My favorite was Naomi’s outfit. Pretty colors and good fabric. Couldn’t vote, Deb: Eugenie and Serena were tied for worse in my book.

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