February Challenge: Planks

In tennis, your shots are only as strong as your core.

Okay, I just made that up. But it sounds true, doesn’t it? Your core is key for stability and transferring energy from the legs up through the torso. More importantly, without a solid core, we’re not going to look as good in our tennis outfits.

I really hate working out, so I’m keeping this month’s tennis challenge short. I’m taking the 30-day plank challenge featured on Health.com. (Click on the link for the complete program.) Basically it’s a few minutes a day devoted to plank variations. There’s your standard plank, your rocking plank, plank with dips, etc.

On the first day, the challenge asks you to hold a basic plank for as long as you can. My time: 45 seconds. I’m no trainer, but I’m going to guess that’s not very good. I’m looking to see big gains by the end of February.

Do you want to look better in your tennis clo—er, I mean, improve your game with a stronger core? Anyone have any planking tips for newbies like me?

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  1. 45 seconds is actually quite good. People who are not fit sometimes crash after a very short time.

    I had started a 30-day plank challenge a while ago — a simple one where you just increase time on a standard plank. I kept forgetting to do it. Do you have a way you will remember?

    As for a plank improving your game, I bet you’re right. Your ability to do most sports improves with core strength. And with the speed, balance and rotational force you need in tennis, a strong core will certainly be an asset. It definitely won’t hurt. And there is that bonus of looking better in clothes. What is it with bellies? Weight loss seems to happen everywhere else.

  2. Sometimes when I “forget” to do something, I haven’t really forgotten. I remembered multiple times during the day and just kept putting it off until later. At the end of the day, I either don’t think of it or I’m too tired to do it. I’m more of a procrastinator than a true forgetter. Maybe the trick for remembering to do something is to just do it when you think of it the first time. Since the planks take so little time, it shouldn’t be hard to hit the floor and get it done as soon as I think of it. For instance, I’m thinking about planks right now, as I’m writing this. I ought to be planking. Instead, I’m needlessly elaborating on my theory of forgetting because over the years I’ve honed and refined my procrastination technique. It’s truly an art form. Also, I have a warm cat curled up on my lap. It would be mean to disturb her. I’ll have to do my planks later…

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