Friday Fashion Face-off: A Lotta Lotto Prints**

As promised, we’ll devote this week’s face-off to the latest prints from Lotto. I want to say right off the bat that I have nothing against prints. In fact, I recently told my daughter that at this point in my life, I prefer a top with a print because it deflects attention away from my aging face. Without missing a beat, she pointed at her chest and acted out a confrontation with some imaginary man: “Hey, buddy! My eyes are down here!”

She cracks me up.

So I’m all about prints these days, but there has to be balance. There has to be proportion. Most of all, there has to be an attractive print. Sorry, Lotto, but yours don’t cut the mustard. Continue reading “Friday Fashion Face-off: A Lotta Lotto Prints**”

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