Friday Fashion Face-off: Clash of the Clones

Fashion Face-offs can be downright unfair sometimes. It’s hard to evaluate clothes without being influenced by the body in them. Some players just enjoy a natural advantage.

That’s where identical twins come in handy. Everyone’s favorite doubles pair, the Bryan brothers, are identical–but since they also dress the same, they’re not all that useful for a face-off.

Fortunately, we also have the improbably leggy Pliskova sisters. Ranked #9 in the world, Karolina has the career edge over Kristyna, ranked #96. But does this edge extend to fashion?

Here we have Karolina wearing an ensemble by her sponsor Fila. Fila tends to the more conservative, highlighted by the pinstripes on this top. But the light pink skirt lends this outfit a surprising dash of fun.

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Kristyna sports the Lotto label. I thoroughly dislike Lotto’s latest print offerings–far too busy and, frankly, weird. (Maybe that will be next week’s face-off.) But this earlier photo shows a simple and feminine approach to sportswear.

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I know it’s not the best photo of Kristyna, but my options are more limited for lower-ranked players. (In fact, a significant percentage of photos labeled Kristyna turned out to be of Karolina. How do I know? Kristyna doesn’t wear Fila, of course, plus she’s a lefty.)

Identical bodies, different brands. If only all tennis players had clones. These face-offs would be so much easier!


4 thoughts on “Friday Fashion Face-off: Clash of the Clones

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  1. That Fila outfit is so cute! I want one.

    How crafty of you to sleuth out the mislabeled photos! It’s remarkable how much information online is wrong.

    I love the twins idea. Brilliant! And yes, bring on the hideous prints. Can we vote for which one is most hideous? I just love trashing them. 😉

  2. I’m definitely going to do the prints. Hopefully I don’t alienate any readers! Someday I’ll have to put myself in the face-off, just to give myself a taste of my own medicine.

  3. Wow. I never knew that identical twins aren’t necessarily the same handedness. Or that they don’t necessarily wear the same label. You learn something new everyday.

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