Friday Fashion Face-off: Best-Dressed Man, Australian Open 2021

Jeepers, is it already the first Friday of the Aussie Open? That came up on us fast. In fact, in Melbourne, they’re well into Saturday, so I guess technically I’m late.

I’m pleased to report we have a decent crop of candidates for best-dressed man. As you know, at some slams, it’s slim pickings. (If you’re looking for some covid-safe fun tonight, “At some slams, it’s slim pickings” makes an excellent tongue twister.)

Nominee #1: Michael Mmoh

Embed from Getty Images

Embed from Getty Images

Let’s first get his last name out of the way. It’s just “Moe.” Not “muh-MOE.” No, I don’t know what the extra m is for.

The American cuts a fine figure in this sleeveless tank from Adidas. I’m really digging the shorts with the neon yellow accents and mesh pockets. So eye-catching he even upstaged my man Rafa in their second-round match. Unfortunately, his fashion sense didn’t win him any extra points. Nadal thrashed him in straights.

Nominee #2: Frances Tiafoe

Embed from Getty Images

Embed from Getty Images

I know what you’re saying. “Deb, that’s a brown shirt. You hate brown tennis clothes, remember?”

To which I say, “Au contraire, this subtly checked Nike shirt is sand colored, warm and inviting as a tropical beach dotted with gently swaying palm trees and hotties sipping piña coladas out of coconuts, and Tiafoe looks outstanding in it.”

To which you will say, “Sand is just a pretentious word for tan, which is a subset of brown.”

To which I say, “Shut up. It’s my blog.”

Nominee #3: Matteo Berrettini

Embed from Getty Images

Embed from Getty Images

The Italian Berrettini serves up plenty of style in this Lotto ensemble. I love the green stripes transitioning to gray, but what really makes the shirt pop are the black borders around the collar and sleeves. Without the borders, I don’t think this getup is making the cut. Amazing what a difference a small detail can make.

There you have it, the first face-off of 2021. Who will take home the coveted title of best-dressed man???



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  1. Tough call! I don’t think Tiafoe gets a fair shot because we can’t see his shorts. Berrettini scores extra points with the repetition of the Lotto logo on his shirt, shorts, and wristbands. But I’m giving the edge to Mmoh because of those mesh pockets and the fact that his outfit is so perfectly coordinated with his racquet.

    1. Yeah, the photo options for Tiafoe were limited. The shorts were plain white. You weren’t missing much.

      I hadn’t noticed Mmoh’s racquet matched his outfit. Sweet!

  2. Mmoh wins, hands down. Matching his 🎾 and showing off those biceps! But your description of the brown shirt made the entire family laugh. Can’t wait for the next installment.

    1. Mmoh does seem to be the hands-down winner. The biceps certainly help his cause.

      Glad I could make you all laugh. Did you try the tongue-twister? Hours of fun for the whole family!

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