Fashion Face-off: Best Dressed Woman at the US Open (2019)

Right now I’m settling in to watch the women’s finals. What better time to nominate the three women who will vie for our coveted best-dressed award?

Sadly, neither Serena Williams nor Bianca Andreescu will receive a nomination. On the other hand, they’ll each walk away from today’s match with at least $1.9 million. That should help soften the blow.

Nominee #1: Nicole Gibbs

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The winsome American returned to the tour only recently after undergoing surgery for salivary gland cancer. It’s easy to get behind her, both for her perseverance and her lovely New Balance dress. It’s simple, sporty and figure-flattering. What more could you want from athletic wear?

Nominee #2: Qiang Wang

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Serena blew Wang off the court in 44 minutes, during which time Wang hit zero winners. Zero. Has that ever happened before? I feel like I’d hit at least one winner, as Serena’s bullet serve ricocheted wildly off my racquet frame in some highlight reel-worthy freak accident.

It must have been a nightmare for the Chinese player, but this is a serious blog and we don’t award pity nominations. Wang earned her place here with this edgy, eye-catching Adidas ensemble. Would I wear it? Nope. That sheer top is not for the olds. But when you’re young and getting humiliated by the GOAT of women’s tennis, you might as well look good.

Nominee #3: Kristie Ahn

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Like Gibbs and Wang, the 141st-ranked player isn’t well known, even among regular tennis watchers. She had an improbable run to the 4th round, winning praise for her spirit and style.

Daniil Medvedev, who plays in the men’s final tomorrow, has been wearing the shirt from this Lacoste line. I thought the pattern was hideous until I saw it on this dress. Here it’s fresh and summery with the thin black slash adding panache. I don’t love the red sneakers with it, but overall it’s a winning look.

When I started writing this face-off, Serena and Bianca were still warming up. By now, we know who won the women’s final. (It takes longer than you’d think to throw together these posts!) But the real prize is still up for grabs—who takes home the best-dressed title???

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  1. They all look good, but Nicole’s outfit is sharp and so flattering.

    I love these posts, so keep at it even thought they take a long time.

    But seriously, where is the worst dressed poll? That is always so fun!

    1. Thanks. I’m going to keep plugging away. I do like writing the blog. I think I just needed a sabbatical for a bit.

      We vote for worst dressed on Friday! Maybe at year’s end we should do a worst-of-the-worst poll.

  2. Boo Hoo, I love Fashion Face offs but this week I couldn’t see any of the photos. In place of each picture was the phrase “Embed Getty image.” Did anyone else have this problem?

    1. You weren’t the only one. I changed the way I’ve been posting the blogs so that you don’t have to click on a “read more” link. Instead you could just read the whole thing at once. I thought that would be a more streamlined reading experience—and get me more readers (as if that one extra step is all that’s been keeping this blog from going big time.)

      As far as I know, this approach worked fine for the posts until I got to the face-off. Some email programs won’t show the embedded photo. I don’t receive the emails myself, so I didn’t know….

      Anyhoo, you should be able to see the fashions by going directly to the blog:

      I don’t see how to change that URL into an active link, but you can copy and paste it into a new window.

      So much for the streamlined experience. 🙄

  3. Oh, thank you Deb. When I went directly to the URL of the blog, all was revealed (hips, thighs…er, I mean I could see all 3 photos and now I could vote.
    Kristie Ahn gets my vote due to the lovely silhouette and simplicity of her dress; and the savvy addition of the black belt. I see my vote puts her in a 1st place tie with Qian. Wang. Qian does look adorable and edgy and was my 2nd choice.

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