Friday Fashion Face-off: U.S. Open Worst-Dressed Award

Is it mean to do a worst-dressed poll? Probably. Are we going to do it anyway? Yes. It’s all in good fun. Besides, the players earn good money for wearing these outfits and getting people talking. They don’t really have cause to complain if not all the talk is favorable.

Here, then, are my nominees for worst dressed at the U.S. Open.

Nominee #1: Fabio Fognini

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The last time Fognini made it to the Fashion Face-off, he was dressed as Shazam. This time he’s dressed as…Uncle Sam? Apollo Creed?

Fabio, it’s a tennis match, not a costume party. Try dressing the part.

Nominee #2: Roger Federer

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I’ll admit I do like to say “The Red Fed.” Or, “Federer Is Redderer.” But even amusing word play cannot save this outfit from the worst-dressed list.

I would accept head-to-toe black, and maybe head-to-toe white, but I draw the line there. This looks ridiculous. There’s no contrast, no highlight and lowlight, nothing to rest your eyes on–it’s just a sea of red, like someone dropped him in a vat of dye. Even his shoelaces are maroon.

There’s a house near me with the same monochromatic color scheme. The siding, the shutters, the trim, and even the large columns along the front of the house are all mustard yellow. The color looks less painted on than administered via power hose. Too bad because underneath all the mustard is a pretty house.

Nominee #3: Serena Williams

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It has been a rough week for Serena. I might even have been a little harsh in my Monday post, as some Facebook folks pointed out. (But I still stand by my assessment of her behavior.)

I considered giving Serena a pass for this Face-off, but that would be weird. I mean, it’s a tutu. A tutu that everyone was talking about, at least before Saturday’s final. How can I not include it? So here goes…

Serena has so many stylish friends. Anna Wintour. Beyoncé. Heck, she’s even chummy with everyone’s favorite princess, Meghan Markle. Yet not one of them thought to say, “Ummm, you know, I think I kinda like that other outfit better…”? What kind of friends are these?! Do they let her walk around with spinach between her teeth, too?

There is just WAY too much fabric here. Sure, it’s tulle, but all those layers in that heat and humidity? When she spins around, the skirt does look cool and floaty like a ballerina’s tutu. But how often is she spinning? The rest of the time it just looks bulky and stultifying.

On the plus side, I do like this soft lilac color.

You know I love my polls, and I’ve got four of them for you today. And feel free to add your two-cents in the comments section, too!!






6 thoughts on “Friday Fashion Face-off: U.S. Open Worst-Dressed Award

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  1. I hesitated between Serena and Fognini as I agree it looks like a costume more than a tennis outfit, but Serena’s tutu is not only ugly but also ridiculous…

  2. I ended up voting for Fognini…but I agree with Cecile: How can one really pick? That tutu is so ugly! That stars and stripes are bizarre. Only Federer’s dipped-in-blood look can be ruled out as the worst — and it’s darned awful, too.

    I found one image of Serena hitting a powerful shot, where the tutu doesn’t make her look foolish. The rest of the photos I saw, it’s just so sad to take that powerhouse of a woman and put her in a dress that’s the daydream of 4-year-old girls. She has incredible strength. Why make her look silly? (Maybe I should change my vote!)

    But what was Fognini thinking? He’s wearing a flag — and it’s not even his flag. Are the skulls some kind of message? Death to the Americans? Is he just trying to be distracting? I just can’t make sense of it.

    As for your question on whether or not to do a Worst Dressed poll: We count on you to tell it like it is. Otherwise, why would we be your fans?

    1. I think the skulls are a logo–they’re on all of his outfits. I don’t know what the brand is though. But you’re right, combining that logo with the American flag could be seen as a message. It’s a strange choice to make.

      There was a time when wearing the flag was considered offensive–I remember people talking about it when I was much younger. I don’t remember the details, just that there was some outrage among older people, in particular. Maybe a celebrity had worn a flag, or a brand had come out with a flag-based top? Anyway, it seems like it’s not so controversial anymore. But should it be? I mean, he’s wearing the American flag around his butt and sweating all over it. I don’t feel outrage (I just think it looks ridiculous), but I wonder if I ought to.

  3. Two ugly outfits and a tutu. I don’t know if it’s ugly as much as it looks silly. Like maybe you want to think a little more inside the box. Sometimes less is more. What else… oh yeah, if I want tutus I’ll go to the ballet.

  4. I’m surprised that Federer is getting some votes. Not that he doesn’t deserve some, but people love him so much I didn’t think anyone would pick him. Plus he has some pretty stiff competition.

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