Friday Fashion Face-off: The Worst Dressed at the 2020 US Open

This year’s weird but still wonderful US Open is behind us. The only thing left to do is award the prize for most fashion-challenged. Let’s get right to it!

Nominee #1: Naomi Osaka

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Yes, I know, you love Naomi. Hey, I love her, too. But does that mean we have to love her outfit? Does that mean we have to spare her the ignominy of a worst-dressed nomination? No. The Fashion Face-off must maintain its credibility as an impartial arbiter of tennis style.

It’s not even the color-block unitard that bothers me. Instead, I’m perplexed by the complete randomness of the shorts. These two items of clothing aren’t communicating with each other in any respect—style, fabric, color, cut, fit. Not a hint of coherence here.

Still, it was nice to see Osaka raise her third major trophy. And I’m seriously loving her hair.

Nominee #2: Victoria Azarenka

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Osaka’s opponent in the US Open final took the opposite approach. Azarenka’s top and shorts cohere to the point of being indistinguishable.

I don’t generally like rigid fashion rules, but I’m going to propose a limit of one screaming neon item of clothing per outfit. Rather than pile on even more pink, why not complement that shirt with a pair of shorts in a coordinating color? Or how about plain old white? Yeah, I know I said white is boring, but sometimes your poor, beleaguered eyeballs need a rest. Boring can be a virtue.

I kind of like her hair, though. It’s edgy and free-spirited and seems to suit the new Azarenka.

Nominee #3: Harry Connick, Jr.

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Just because you’re not a tennis player doesn’t mean you get a pass from the Fashion Face-off.

I like a comfy Henley as much as the next guy. It’s the perfect style for so many occasions. Walking in the woods on a crisp fall day. Apple picking. Blogging by the fire.

But when you’re performing “America the Beautiful” in the world’s largest tennis stadium, you might want to up your game.

Maybe the empty stands confused him. (Note to Harry: Just because no one’s in the seats doesn’t mean no one can see you.)

There you have it—the three worst-dressed people in Ashe Stadium. But who gets to go home with the prize????


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  1. He forgot where he was due to lack of a shower, Covid quarantine, or serious hang over…peraps all three! Looking like a mess, Harry-love ya anyway!

      1. Well, I can’t really throw any stones at him for that part. My tennis togs are looking a little snug these days.

  2. I would have voted for Naomi as I could never figure out those shorts! riding up, color, the whole thing. Then there was Jennifer Brady’s outfit, as Mili said: looks like a girl’s pinata party dress… but, yes, I did recall how HJC looked…. really messy. Thanks as always!

    1. Yes, I could have nominated Jennifer Brady. Piñata party dress describes it perfectly.

      It was great to see her come into her own in NY. What a forehand!

  3. All three are winners in the loser outfit category — but I had to support your decision to go beyond players and call out Harry for a slovenly showing. And I just don’t go for grey and brown, ever. I challenge you to find one truly gorgeous grey-brown combo. See? Anyway, thanks for the chuckles, as always.

    1. I agree gray and brown don’t go together. But…does it matter that the brown item is a jacket? Not everyone can afford an array of colors for all the different types and weights of outerwear needed to get through a year in the Northeast. Granted, Harry can probably afford to stock up on dozens of jackets, as well as afford the space to store it all in. But what if, instead of Harry, the singer was a local unknown, a high school student, for instance?

      This question is also relevant for tennis players in general because, unless you’re a tennis clothes shopaholic, the average club player doesn’t have multiple pairs of sneakers to match her different outfits. You might have a gorgeous navy and white outfit, but your current pair of tennis shoes, the ones that were on sale at Tennis Warehouse, are red with yellow trim. Should you lose fashion points over this, or should we acknowledge that having matching shoes is a luxury few can afford?

      But I digress, as usual. I did think of bashing him for that gray/brown combo but decided not to because of that larger question outerwear poses. All that said, one would think Harry could cough up the money for a matching jacket.

      Maybe the question of coordinating sneakers and warm-ups with your tennis outfit deserves its own blog post.

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