Aces for Australia

Could I be turning into a Nick Kyrgios fan?

Not of his tennis—I was always a fan of that. But of him as a person. The temperamental Aussie may be finally winning me over.

I imagine he’s won over quite a number of people recently. You’ve probably heard of his pledge to donate $200 for every ace he hits during the Australian tennis season to support victims of his country’s devastating wildfires. That’s a hefty pledge for someone who serves as many aces as Kyrgios does.

Under that brash exterior lies a heart of gold. Meanwhile, I sit behind my iPad snarking about everybody’s clothes. Kyrgios is putting me to shame.

It’s time to step up! I’m hereby matching Kyrgios’s pledge. I will donate $200–no, make that $250!—for every ace I hit during the month of January.

Oh lord, I just crack myself up. That would have been a pretty safe pledge for me even before my frozen shoulder.

Here’s the real pledge. A quarter for every ace Kyrgios hits. That works out to 1/800th, or .125%, of Kyrgios’s pledge. Sounds stingy, I know, but I don’t have his kind of money and he’s super-motivated to hit aces right now. A motivated Kyrgios is a dangerous thing. He hit twenty aces in his very first match!

In fact, just to be safe, I’ll cap my pledge at 1,000 aces.

Anybody want to join in with a pledge of their own? $10 for every ace you hit this month? $1 for every ace your team hits? Ten cents for each Federer ace? Let’s see if this blog can do some good for a change.

You can send donations to the Australian Red Cross.

Please share this post with any tennis fans who might want to participate.

Go, Kyrgios! ❤️ 🎾

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  1. Great post that has got me thinking… will get back to you. I also have complicated views of this mercurial tennis wonder that stops me from a full endorsement.

  2. Yes, he is complicated. That’s a very tactful way of putting it. I’m going to be a fan now, but I’m aware that he’s a work in progress. (As am I. Fortunately for me, no one writes blog posts about MY behavior!)

  3. Once again, you hit an Ace with your BLOG.. I sent some cash to World Wildlife Fund Australia for the animal burn victims. Thanks for your efforts!

    1. Thanks for the info. Maybe I’ll donate there instead. The number of animals that have died in the fire is shocking.

  4. I will participate – I’ll do the 25c per ace. Great idea! Also, for people interested helping the injured koalas, you can donate to the Koala Hospital in Port Macquarie ( This hospital usually treats 200-250 koalas each year, but numbers are way up this year with all the fires. Just another option!

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