Fashion Face-off: US Open Best-Dressed Man for 2019

After the fashion snooze-fest of Wimbledon, I’m loving my US Open men, and not just for the outfits. I may be getting a bit cougarish in my middle age. (I know–gross, right?)

Let’s get the little yellow ball rolling with our stud muffin nominees.

Nominee 1: Rafael Nadal

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The fashion face-off is supposed to be about clothes, not bodies, but come on. Sure, it’s just a stupid black tank, but Rafa looks mighty fine in it. How could I not nominate him?

Nominee 2: Grigor Dimitrov

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I have to thank our Slam correspondent and loyal reader, Eileen. She texted me yesterday from her seat at the Open to rub it in alert me to the Bulgarian’s outfit. I have to agree: Dimitrov sets a high bar with this bold purple top.

Something seems different about him, too. Is the headband new? He’s always been an attractive guy, but he’s shed some of the pretty boy sheen in favor of a more rugged machismo.

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Is it warm in here, or is it just me?

Nominee 3: Gael Monfils

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Red shirt, black shorts–nothing groundbreaking here, but the lovable French weirdo rocks the casual vibe better than anyone.

Out of all the tennis players, I’d most like to hang out with Monfils. Not on a tennis court, though. I’m thinking more a beachside bar with some Mai Tais, a cool breeze, some Bobby McFerrin playing in the background. 🎵🎵 Don’t worry, be happy now. Oooo oooo ooo ooo… 🎵🎵

Huh? What? Sorry, I lost myself there for a moment. (I really need a vacation.)

Oh, right. The clothes. Rafa and Dmitrov are in Nike, and Monfils is in Asics.

We have three important polls for you this Labor Day weekend. Enjoy the holiday!



10 thoughts on “Fashion Face-off: US Open Best-Dressed Man for 2019

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  1. i’m protesting the best dressed poll due to the fact that the very dapper Roger Federer was not included.

    1. Dissent will not be tolerated. Don’t make me use the tear gas.

      I considered Roger but left him out because I didn’t like the different colored placard—the part on the shirt with the buttons. It looked like he was wearing a toddler’s clip-on tie.

      Sorry! Maybe he’ll make the cut next time. 😊

  2. No contest. How can you really consider just the clothes and not the rippling muscles? Maybe it was the photos, or maybe I just like tank tops. 😘 Thanks for another set of fun polls!

  3. P.S. I’m watching Rafa right now as he plays against Cilic. Love R’s biceps and he looks great in black with purple.

    1. He does look good. I love the purple accents. I hadn’t seen Cilic’s outfit before now. Maybe I should have included him in the face-off. It’s pretty nice.

  4. Deb: You and my husband like Cilic’s outfit but not me. I find it too busy. To me it even looks a little bit like a preschoolers outfit.

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