Friday Fashion Face-off: 2019 Wimbledon Best-Dressed Woman

Warm up your voting fingers, people. It’s time for another best-dressed poll!

The men couldn’t do much to jazz up their Wimbledon whites. What a snooze-fest. As usual, it’s up to the ladies to show them how it’s done.

Nominee #1: Cori Gauff

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At age 15, my life seemed pretty full, what with algebra tests and pimples and angst. Angst, in particular, is very time consuming.

Cori Gauff, at age 15, knocked off her idol, Venus Williams, in front of thousands of spectators, eventually making it to the fourth round of Wimbledon.

Hey, life isn’t a contest.

It’s easy to root for the remarkably poised prodigy, both for her game and her outfit. The New Balance separates keep it simple with a muted gold stripe and a relaxed yet feminine fit.

No, life’s not a contest, but if it were, here’s the score:

Gauff: $223,000 in prize money, $1 million in endorsements, and a projected ranking jump from 313 to 139 in the world.

Me: 100 on my algebra final and currently pimple-free.

We’ll call that a draw.

Nominee #2: Kiki Mladenovic

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Embed from Getty Images

How fantastic is this dress? I love the holes, the red accents, the fit. It’s simply perfection.

Kiki gets two photos because I couldn’t find a good one. How is it possible to take a bad photo of this woman? I surely don’t know.

Nominee #3: Simona Halep

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Halep vies for her second slam title tomorrow. She’s a little dynamo and has been playing the most aggressive tennis of her career. Unfortunately she’ll be facing a highly motivated Serena Williams who has won seven singles titles on those manicured lawns. And six doubles titles. Oh, and a mixed doubles title, to boot.

It’s a tall order for the Romanian, but at least she has a winning outfit in this Nike dress. With clean lines and a beautiful lace overlay on the skirt, the dress captures Wimbledon’s spirit of timeless elegance.

Can this really be the same company that gave us bumblebees and skeletons just a few short weeks ago?

I’m predicting a close vote this week as all three of these outfits would be well suited for club play.

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  1. I don’t really like any of them. But I’m going with “Kiki” because that was my nickname when I was 5 years old.

    1. How can you not like any of them? I’m going to change my vote to Halep since she won the title.

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