Friday Fashion Face-off: 2019 French Open Best-Dressed Man

We’ve reached the first Friday of the current Slam, the time when we’d normally be considering the nominees for the best-dressed man. I’ve been looking for nominees–truly I have–but they’re plum hard to find this year. The best we may be able to hope for is most adequately dressed man.

Let’s muddle through with what we have, shall we?

Nominee 1: Novak Djokovic

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I’m not a big Novak fan. Phenomenal athlete, of course, but his on-court behavior irks me. (We’ll be discussing Nick Kyrgios’s recent takedown of Novak in a future post.) Plus, Novak’s a little scrawny for my taste. I know, I know–I’m not supposed to be critiquing bodies. Fine, you caught me. I’m a hypocrite.

You know it must be a particularly uninspired Open, style-wise, if I’m nominating the Serb. But, hey, with these bold colors and crisp styling, this outfit is thoroughly inoffensive and acceptable. I might even go so far as to say it’s energizing. Lacoste isn’t exactly thinking outside the box here, but considering this year’s bizarre Nike line, the inside of the box looks pretty damn appealing.

And if you like the Lacoste line, you’ll apparently have a new way to buy it. In partnership with Lacoste, NBC Sports will offer so-called “shoppable moments” during Djokovic’s matches, where you can hold your phone camera up to the television screen and get directed to the Lacoste website for purchase. I guess that’s cool, technologically speaking, but do we really need to make it easier for people to spend money impulsively? I’m not so sure. (However, I am sure that the phrase “shoppable moments” makes me want to gag.)

Nominee 2: Fabio Fognini

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The mercurial, talented Italian exudes power and confidence in EA7 Emporio Armani. Standing out sharply against the orange clay, the midnight blue gets extra punch from the contrasting stripes. Cool masculinity defines this look.

How I wish I could have seen Fabio’s face when he got a look at his opponents in the locker room, dressed in Nike’s tulips and bumblebees.

Nominee 3: Bjorn Borg

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The award is for best-dressed man AT the French Open, not IN the French Open, so I’m technically allowed to include people in the stands.

The elegant six-time French Open champ puts most of the current men’s draw to shame. True, comparing spectators and players is apples and oranges, but as I said, worthy nominees were scarce. I came very close to nominating one of the linesmen.

Lookin’ fine, Bjorn…


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  1. I’m thrilled and relieved to see an installment of your Friday Fashion Face-Off. Keep ‘me coming s’il vous plait!

  2. You just want any opportunity to feast your eyes on Bjorg. How many decades have you been oogling that man?!😉

    I’m surprised not to hear one word about muscles in your description of Fabio, though. I thought we were devolving into critiquing bodies!

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