Friday Fashion Face-off: Australian Open’s Best-Dressed Woman

We’re almost at the end of the Australian Open, which can only mean one thing: It’s time for another “Best Dressed” poll! So let’s put our feet up and ponder these fashion nominees:

Nominee #1: Magda Linette

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Who the heck is Magda Linette? Damned if I know, but she sure can pick a nice tennis dress. This number’s by Tonic, a brand that’s almost as obscure to me as this player. That’s a good thing, really. Seeing so many players in the same Nike outfit becomes tedious by a tournament’s third day.

Linette lost in straight sets in the first round, but at least she looked lovely in this rich navy dress. The white side panels in the skirt highlight the dress’s fluidity and movement, while the white straps kick everything up a notch.

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Nominee #2: Ash Barty

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I could have picked Karolina Pliskova instead of Ash Barty for the second nominee. They both wore iterations of this Fila ensemble. Pliskova even wore a striking black version during one match. In the end, I opted for Barty just because I like her doubles-inspired brand of tennis.

Pink can be a tough hue to get right–too loud on one extreme, too childish on the other. With this soft shade, Fila nails classic femininity. The white-stripe detail on the straps and neckline add sporty fun to what might otherwise be a staid look.

Nominee #3: Caroline Wozniacki

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Several women (Kerber, Osaka, Muguruza) wore darker versions of this Adidas outfit. All of them seemed fine, if perhaps a little dreary. I’m drawn to Wozniacki’s brighter take. Admittedly there’s nothing extraordinary about this top and skirt, but I find its very simplicity refreshing. As much as I love Barty’s and Linette’s getups, I can better picture myself playing in this more athletic-looking garb. It’s fashion for the rest of us, although few of us will look as good in it as the Dane!

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  1. I voted for number three, but I actually loved them all—even though Barty’s seemed a bit youthful. So “fitting” on her, however!

  2. I agree that this was a difficult choice. All 3 outfits are lovely. I voted for Ash because I thought her outfit was the most flattering. But it was a very close call.

  3. I voted for Magda Linette, the blue dress with the white accents. First of all, lately, I am enjoying the look of a smooth tennis dress compared to wearing separates. Secondly I’m partial to the more body hugging garments. Wozniacki’s Outfit is also body hugging but she doesn’t look as good in it as Magda looks in her dress.

  4. Hello and I want to make a second comment. I am so pleased that I have you all to complain to about the gray-charcoal colored Nike skirt that so many of the women wore. I hate it and I didn’t think it looked like a good match to any of the tops that the wore with it. Any other comments on that skirt?

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