Friday Fashion Face-off: Australian Open’s Best Dressed Man

Can I rant for a minute? (Of course I can. It’s my blog.) I have a bill due on the 22nd. That’s Tuesday. Today is Friday, so four days away.

If I send my payment through my bank’s bill pay service, it won’t arrive until Wednesday. Five days for something that’s fully automated. If I sent it via snail mail, the post office would deliver my original handwritten check to its destination on Monday, Tuesday at the latest. Human beings can carry my piece of paper from Massachusetts to Delaware–for a mere 49 cents–faster than computers can electronically move the money.

Unless, of course, I want to pay extra. Then my bank can just about manage to keep up with the post office.

Meanwhile, in completely unrelated news this week, Bank of America posted record earnings for 4Q 2018. It’s enough to make me very cranky.

Let’s cheer ourselves up with some men in shorts.

Nominee #1: Rafael Nadal

Embed from Getty Images

The first time I saw the Spaniard in this day-glo orange Nike shirt, I recoiled. It’s a great color for Post-Its (I have a pack of it beside me right now), but a tad loud for clothes. Especially for a guy.

But I warmed to this color over the course of Nadal’s first few matches. Maybe it’s because everyone else looks a bit drab at this tournament. (Seriously, for the so-called “Happy Slam,” this year’s color palette looks more appropriate for a law firm.) Nadal’s shirt pops against the blue courts, and the striking neck and sleeve trim, while not my favorite, works better on this shirt than on the rest of the Nike line.

Besides, I’m always a fan of sleeveless Nadal.

Nominee #2: Frances Tiafoe

Embed from Getty Images

Oops. Did I post the wrong photo? Tiafoe doesn’t seem to have a shirt on…hold on…

Embed from Getty Images

There. The young American’s outfit is also by Nike. I like the asymmetrical sleeve trim, and the rugged-looking shorts are a welcome contrast to the more tailored styles favored by Federer and Djokovic. Tiafoe looks like he means business.

Nominee #3: Andy Murray

Embed from Getty Images

Am I nominating Murray for his outfit or for his heartbreaking interview announcing his pending retirement? Honestly, I can’t say. I’ve never been a huge Murray fan on the court, but I admire his character and dry wit off it. I confess I got a little choked up watching him struggle to keep his emotions in check.

Murray always looks best in darker, monochromatic ensembles, but this navy outfit by Castore offers a little extra interest with the white shoulders and back. It’s unflashy but solid, much like the Scot himself.


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  1. Thank you for the laughs. This blog is such a highlight to my week. 🙂

    As for your bank, I have noticed that some transactions have delays built in while others are faster. Some of my electronic bills are one day and some are 5 with my bank. It seems to have to do with the receiving party being willing to confirm that they really got the money. Also, is Monday a bank holiday? That might be impacting things. But hey…rant away. It’s so dumb that transactions aren’t instantaneous. I have to assume that will happen.

    Thanks for the shirtless photo. Of course you know I’m a fan of monochromatic navy, so I had to vote for Murray. His outfit just looks so sharp. But Nadal was a close second. Love that orange!

    1. Navy is so hot now. How come Pantone didn’t name it Color of the Year instead of coral? I still don’t think that company knows what it’s talking about! 😅

      Monday may be a holiday, and it’s true that some recipients seem to take longer than others. But then why should paying extra make any difference? Monday would still be a holiday and my Evil Empire bank would be pocketing the extra fee, not passing it along to the recipient. So no excuses!

      You’re welcome for the Tiafoe “mistake.”

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