Quiz: Tennis Court Specs

Tennis Court Trivia

You spend a lot of time playing tennis, but how well do you know the court? Take our Tennis Court Specs Quiz and find out!

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  1. Tough stuff! Now I know a lot more about the tennis court than I ever knew before. Cool. Thanks for the fun quiz!

  2. Well THAT was embarrassing! Turns out I know next to nothing about the court I play on each week. Loved learning, though!

    1. I probably made it too hard. I wouldn’t have known most if it either. Next quiz will be more fun! This was kind of a practice run. Glad to see it works. 😊

  3. It was fun, even though I only got three right, and I don’t even know which three! (Is there anyway to see the correct answers?)

    1. Yes, on the final page where it gives you the results. If you scroll up, there’s a list of all the questions with the right answers indicated.

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