Friday Fashion Face-off: Team Uniforms

As promised, we’re voting on team uniforms today! In Wednesday’s post, I weighed the pros and cons of uniforms. Although my team has never worn them, I’m wondering if it might be time for a change.

Sadly, most of the team uniforms I see online are uninspired, just a solid top and skirt in the most basic of hues. Yawn. Perhaps the manufacturers keep it simple knowing that it’s easier for a team to achieve consensus that way–no one’s thrilled with the choice, but no one’s refusing to wear it either.

I can’t foist mediocre tenniswear on my team–we deserve way better than that! So I’m choosing my nominees from the regular, non-team collections.

Choice #1–Adidas Fall Club Tank and Skirt

Adidas describes the color of this outfit as “Legend Ink.” That sounds like black, and it looked like black on the Tennis Warehouse website, but it sure looks like navy right now, doesn’t it? (That’s a shame because our third choice is also navy. I just can’t go look for another choice. This blog has already eaten my entire Friday evening with technical issues. Sorry, folks. 😔)

The top also comes in a short-sleeve style.

If you click on the links, you’ll be taken to the Tennis Warehouse page where you can see other camera angles of the outfit. You can also see a video of this young lady twirling around and sticking her butt out. It’s kind of funny. If my team picks this outfit, we’ll make a group video like this for the blog.


Choice #2–Nike Winter Maria Premier Skirt


Red is fierce and fearless. You just exude confidence in this color. I like the interesting hemline and faux wrap style of the skirt, as well as the vivid red balanced with the deeper wine color. If you zoom in, you’ll notice a subtle quasi-herringbone pattern in the fabric.



The matching top comes as a simple tank, as shown, a short-sleeve style, or a two-toned tank with cut-outs in back.


Choice #3–Fila Fall Heritage T-Back Tank


I don’t always love Fila. Sometimes their color combinations are too preppy, and sometimes their clothes read “old.” But I do love this navy tank with the striking zigzag detail. Simple, elegant, and dramatic.

One benefit of this top is that my teammates could just wear it with whatever white skirt they already have. Unfortunately it doesn’t come in different cuts. Not everyone likes wearing tanks.

Well, there we have it, my three uniform picks. I’ll present the results of the vote to my team next week. (Of course, I can’t promise that they’ll agree to wear the winning outfit–or even wear a uniform at all. I will keep you posted on the team’s decision…)



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  1. I like the “black” Adidas, which I think is definitely navy. But I think that cut of the tank won’t look as good on anyone with a chest. The cutout version of the top on the Nike is adorable…until you look at their photo of it with a sports bra, which just looks like a mess! And while I adore bright red and maroon, I do not like them together at all. The zig zag is so cute and fresh. I think it would flatter everyone. The color is a classic. I think a team wearing it would look distinct and coordinated, up-to-date and formidable.

    1. I’m so disappointed that my black outfit turned out to be navy. Not only because I then had two navy nominees, but because I had to cut a fun line about my team looking like hot chicks going out clubbing.

      I like the word “formidable.” That’s exactly how I want to look in a match.

  2. If it’s FORMIDABLE you want, Deb, then go with the red-and-wine Nike outfit…that’s what I vote for. Outfit looks classy and well-constructed and unique in style. (It also looks as though it would be the most expensive of the 3…is it?

    1. You have a good eye. The Nike IS the most expensive, but the Fila’s a close second. Adidas is significantly cheaper.

      Congrats on your raffle wins at the Forgirlsake event, btw! You actually won two, right? Maybe YOU should be my good luck charm, although I might have trouble fitting you in my tennis bag.

      1. Hah, yes Deb. I won TWO of the raffle prizes at the charity event Plus I won in the separate raffle conducted by Athleta at their booth. I enjoyed the raffle presentations as much as the tennis… What a great day and great event!

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