Friday Fashion Face-off: U.S. Open Best-Dressed Woman Award

We’re finally here. The last best-dressed player poll of the year. (Sniff.)

But before we get all misty-eyed, let’s talk about Caroline Wozniacki. As you might recall, I’ve been disappointed in the Stella McCartney outfits Wozniacki has worn in previous U.S. Opens. Her stunning Wimbledon dress from just a few weeks ago got my hopes up that we here in the States would finally be treated to an outfit worthy of the lovely Dane.

Instead, McCartney gave us this:

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What a weird combo. A tank with small, red, symmetrical accents and a skirt with large, blue, asymmetrical ones. I get a little dizzy looking at this, like when I accidentally switch my contact lenses. Everything looks slightly off, and my brain is not happy.

But while I’m not including this outfit in our best-dressed list, it is a definite step up from prior U.S. Open fashions. For that, it deserves an honorable mention. (Well, maybe just a plain mention.)

On to our nominees!

Nominee #1: Naomi Osaka

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How cute is this girl? And how poised when she plays! So much more mature than her twenty years. But then she gets in an interview and starts talking–and I cringe. She speaks and acts like she’s eight years old. What a shame. I’d love to root for her in the final, but after listening to her, I just don’t think I can.

But I can root for this classy, impeccably cut Adidas outfit! We all know how hard it is to put together a black top and black bottom. The blacks seldom match. Well, it turns out they don’t need to match. Apparently, you can combine different shades of black, just like different shades of pink, as long as they’re not too close.

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Who knew? I sure didn’t. (See how much we’re learning on this blog?!)

Nominee #2: Pauline Parmentier

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I almost didn’t include Parmentier in the best-dressed list, not because she’s a relatively unknown player, but because her dress is kind of similar to Osaka’s outfit–a dark, monochromatic column. But how could I leave it off? Look at the graceful white straps crisscrossing in the back–so elegant and unique.

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I don’t recognize the logo on the dress–anyone know what brand this is? Parmentier is French…maybe a French brand? If you recognize the logo, let us know in the comments section!

Nominee #3: Madison Keys

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I was on the fence about this get-up throughout the tournament. Initially it struck me as both too busy (the slit, the cut-out back, and the gathered fabric at the hip) and too plain (the cream color). The slit, also, is way high–even higher than the top of the shorts.

Here’s a shot of the back…

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I know–it sounds like I don’t actually like it, but the outfit grew on me over the course of the two weeks. I wouldn’t wear it myself, but on certain body types–tall, curvy and strong–it hangs quite well. With her darker skin tone, Madison doesn’t get washed out by the pale color, unlike some of the other Nike players. And I love the concept of making the shorts the focus. They’re bright, bold, and fun, perfect for young, fit pros like Madison.

I’d still prefer a simpler back and a less extreme slit. But I have to give props to Nike for creativity and for those super cute shorts.

We have just one poll today, so make it count. (And have no fear–we’ll get to Serena’s tutu in next Friday’s poll…)


8 thoughts on “Friday Fashion Face-off: U.S. Open Best-Dressed Woman Award

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  1. Even before I saw your nominees, I was crazy about Osaka’s cute look. Best of show, says I.

    P.S. my husband has remarked “if I could serve like Serena, I would wear a tutu, too!“ Ha ha, that will be the day. I know we are going to discuss Serena next week, but I had to get this on the record before I forgot.

    1. I would love to see a photo of your husband in a tutu! I would definitely include it in next week’s Face-off! Maybe a poll of who rocks the tutu better–Serena or your husband.

      I know–it’ll never happen. But it would make for such a good post! 😅🎾

  2. I don’t like the neckline on Osaka’s dress. It looks like a bandeau top with a a jogbra. The white criss-cross on Parmentier’s outfit is elegant. Love it. As for Keys, stick with your original impression. There’s nothing appealing about getting your shorts in a bunch.

    1. I didn’t like the neckline either the first time I saw it. And then I decided it made the outfit just unique enough. But, yeah, the straps on the Parmentier dress are so beautiful. And navy–I think it’s navy and not black–is really “in” right now.

  3. I went with Osaka because those were my choices. My real choice is Wozniacki. I liked her outfit better than the others.

    1. Sometimes I look at Wozniacki’s outfit and think, “hey, that’s cute.” And other times I think, “did she get dressed in the dark?” I did see someone at my club wearing that top with a solid navy skirt–I thought that looked better than this combo.

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