Friday Fashion Face-off: U.S. Open Best-Dressed Man Award

The U.S. Open is well under way, which can mean only one thing. It’s time to pick our best-dressed man of the slam!

I thought choosing the best dressed for Wimbledon would be hard, what with the color restriction and all. But I’m actually finding this slam a bit tougher. No one is truly standing out for me, but we’ll just have to muddle through with what we have.

Well, one person does stand out, and that’s Rafa, the Sleeveless Wonder.

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He really is quite the physical specimen, isn’t he? But we can’t put Rafa in this poll. He needs his own category, like Best Biceps. We’ll just give him an honorary mention and move on to our three nominees.

(Yes, it’s time to move on. Scroll down. You can come back to Rafa later.)

Our first nominee is the ever-entertaining Gael Monfils, in a vivid blue-on-blue number from Asics.

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This color really pops on him, and I like the subtle red and white piping. Look at how the color scheme is picked up on the shoes, with the red peeking out at the sole. There’s a vibrancy to this outfit that perfectly suits Monfils’s exuberant, extroverted playing style.

Marin Cilic earns a best-dressed nomination with this brightly striped shirt by Fila.

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I know that’s not a great photo of Cilic’s outfit, but as of today, Getty’s only offering seven photos to choose from. Here’s a closer look at the shirt:

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I’ll admit I didn’t immediately take to the green stripes, but they’ve grown on me. The overall effect is rather fresh and relaxed and unsweaty-looking, a plus when you consider the sweltering conditions the players endured during the tournament’s early rounds. I can imagine Cilic transitioning easily from the court to the press room in this clean, classic look.

Finally we have Andy Murray in a somewhat surprising look for him.

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Murray’s still with Under Armour, but I’m much more used to seeing him in rather plain solids. For once, the Scot shows a little pizzazz, a little life to his wardrobe. To be honest, if another player were wearing this outfit, I might not give it a second look. But it marks such a departure for Murray–and I’m so glad to see him playing again after his long layoff–that he nabs the final spot on our best-dressed list.

So there you have it. Like I said, not the most exciting choices for you, but it just wasn’t a high-fashion slam this year. But it’s okay. The sun is shining, the U.S. Open is on television, and we have a photo of Rafa’s biceps. Life is good.


Let me know what you think!

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