Friday Fashion Face-off: Flower Power

We’re going snark-free for this week’s Fashion Face-off! No–wait! Don’t leave! We can still have fun. And we’ll be better people for it. I promise.

As much as I love a good snark, I saw two absolutely fantastic tennis outfits this week, both with floral skirts. They just knocked all the meanness out of me.

I adore this combination of colors that Ashleigh Barty is wearing. As we’ve covered in this space before, I am somewhat fashion-impaired. It just would never occur to me to match this purply, impressionistic skirt with the mint-green top. Somehow Barty manages to look both fresh and classic in this Fila ensemble–not an easy feat to pull off.

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Her face-off opponent is Dalila Jakupovic, a complete unknown to me, but, man, do I love this outfit. That deep, rich blue provides the perfect backdrop for the bold floral pattern on the skirt. Modern, clean, and classy! I’m not positive which clothing brand she’s wearing, but I think it’s Head.

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(Is Venus Williams largely responsible for this resurgence in florals and patterns in tennis clothing? It seems to me that her EleVen line was the first to expand modern tennis apparel beyond solids and stripes. But I could be wrong. Somebody weigh in on this in the comment section…)

Fear not. Snarking resumes next Friday.


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  1. Florals are a hot fashion trend in non-athletic wear—only a matter of time before it hit the courts. As for who started it, my 15-year-old would tell you British pop heartthrob, Harry Styles did. The TD Garden was awash in florals at his concert Monday night.

  2. No contest. While Barty did a lovely job matching the mint green in the floral skirt to her top, the dark blue is striking. That was an easy win.

    Floral may be all the rage due to Venus or Harry or whomever, but I will be happy when we can get back to more elegant and less girly designs. At least Dalila’s version is stylized and bold.

    You are clearly not fashion challenged. If you were, how would you write these every Friday? And doing it without snark is even harder. Nice round. Looking forward to next week.

  3. YES! Writing sans snark is HARD!! I wonder what that says about me. Probably nothing good.

    I think both outfits are elegant. And the florals are still the minority on the court. I like having the variety of styles. Keeps things interesting. Plus it gives me more to write about!

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