The Friday Fashion Face-off Best-Dressed Woman Award

The men’s and women’s tours may have migrated to grass, but here at LittleYellowBall, we’re still knee-deep in the clay. Today we’re voting on the ladies of the French Open.

As with last week’s face-off for the best-dressed man, I haven’t included the women’s champion among my fashion finalists. Like Rafa Nadal, Simona Halep sported the head-to-toe Nike blues–as did Svitolina and Kvitova and Kasatkina and Keys… It was a regular Smurf brigade at Roland Garros.

Instead, I’m going with these three fashionistas: Maria Sharapova, Andrea Petkovic and Camila Giorgi.

Now before you scroll down to the comment box to fire off an outraged “But Sharapova wore blue, too!”, let me just say that… Well, there’s no defense to that. She’s a Smurf. But she’s a very tall and elegant Smurf, and this dress is a deeper blue with beautiful delicate straps.

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Here’s a picture of it from the back because you can’t judge the dress without seeing the crisscross straps:

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Next up we have the ever-perky Petkovic in a peachy Adidas dress with a white and navy pleated hem. Bright, cute and fun!

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And finally, Giorgi, she of the oversized shots and undersized dresses. Only this time she’s looking practically demure in a pretty floral number made by her mother. It’s feminine while still being kind of sexy, although maybe you have to look like Giorgi to pull off the sexy part.

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Runners-up for this poll include Julia Goerges and Caroline Wozniacki (I’m planning a Wozniacki-only face-off soon). Is there anyone else you think should have been nominated?

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And Happy Father’s Day to all the amazing dads out there, including my husband who puts in many hours keeping LittleYellowBall rolling along.

Okay, let’s get down to business!!!

6 thoughts on “The Friday Fashion Face-off Best-Dressed Woman Award

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  1. I happened to think all that blue looked amazing. The ones you didn’t show, that bright blue contrasted with the orange clay perfectly. Sharapova’s darker blue dress is awesome. Everything about her is just pretty darned awesome.

    I’m not a fan of ruffles, so Petkovic had points taken off her ensemble right from the start. And that peach just gets lost against the orange clay. A girl has to think of her backdrop! She looks decent in the photo you picked, with black and white behind her. But I think peach on orange is not the kind of drama I want to see. I have to admit she looks powerful and inspiring in that photo, though.

    The flowers don’t do it for me. They’re little girl and old lady at the same time. And that pale yellow/beige color is so blah. Plus, it just didn’t flatter her figure. Dare I say it…ok, you know me, I dare: She even looks a little pudgy in the middle.

  2. I’m voting for originality, and Giorgi gets that vote. It’s also a nice outfit, ie, trim of flowers matching the skirt, nice touch. I think it’s still a little too small for her, but I’m getting used to not objecting to this!

  3. I wouldn’t wear the ruffles either, but I try to push myself to look for nice outfits outside of my personal aesthetic. Kind of like my feeling about industrial-looking loft apartments. I get the aesthetic and can appreciate the vision behind it…but it’s not my own taste.

    Plus, I liked the color combo on the ruffles.

    Giorgi is anything but pudgy. She might be mid-gasp or something. I guess I can see how her outfit could come across as old-lady-ish. It didn’t read that way to me. Funny how everyone sees things differently…

    For Giorgi and Petkovic, I had a half a screenpage of free photos to choose from. For Sharapova, I had seven pages. So…I can’t always choose the most flattering image.

    I liked the blue, but some of the ladies had the matching top and skirt, AND visor, AND wristbands, AND sneakers! It was Smurf city.

    Yes, Giorgi does like things short and tight. But look at her. If I looked like that, I’d probably want clingy small clothes too.

  4. OK, tough choice. Sharapova’s strappy getup is reminiscent of a silk nighty. Imagine that in a shimmery blue silk, and you’ll see what I mean. Petkovic is reminiscent of a frilly skirt. But overall a sportier look than the others, with a nice bold and complimentary color scheme. Giorgi looks like she’s bummin’ around the apartment on a lazy Sunday morning. The top and skirt reminds me of one of those light undershirts/loose short combos that you sleep in. You know, the stuff you see in the back pages of Victoria’s Secret catalogs.

    In the end, it IS a nice shade of blue… Sharapova for the win!

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