The Friday Fashion Face-off Best-Dressed Man Award

This year’s French Open is winding down–as I write this, Nadal and del Potro are battling it out for a spot in the final. (Well, the first set was a battle. Now it’s just a beatdown.)

It’s time to take stock of the year’s French Open fashion. We’ll vote on the best-dressed man and leave the women for next Friday.

Men’s tennis fashion had a strong showing this year, a few clunkers aside. (Looking at you, still-brown Nishikori!)

I’m nominating my three favorite ensembles for the face-off: del Potro’s, Dominic Thiem’s, and Alexander Zverev’s. (Those of you who know my Nadal obsession may be surprised not to see him on my best-dressed list. He always looks good, but the blue-on-blue ended up boring me after two weeks.)

First up, del Potro in Nike. I like him in black, and the white stripes add just enough interest. The cut of del Potro’s clothes sometimes borders on the slovenly, but this outfit fits him well.

Embed from Getty Images


Next we have Thiem in Adidas. The cut on this is flawless, and I love the pops of color on his sleeves!

Embed from Getty Images


Zverev brings a youthful vibe in this coral combo, also by Adidas. The color goes well with the court’s red clay, and the tan shorts help keep things grounded. (I would NOT like this with coral shorts!)

Embed from Getty Images


There may be other impeccably dressed men that I overlooked. I couldn’t watch EVERY minute of the tournament–I do have to attend to non-tennis matters occasionally. If I missed your favorite, let me know in the comments section.


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  1. I think that you may have influenced the vote a bit this time, Deb. Also, Thiem is the only one looking at the camera with a big smile. That got me!

  2. Zverev looks like he’s out for a day of sailing on The Vineyard. Thiem couldn’t be bothered to change out of his practice shorts. Delpo wins on logo count and overall style. Classy black with complementary white stripes and a dash of electric blue accoutrements. Solid “A-“.

  3. I agree that the white shorts are ruining that outfit. Yuck. And I really wanted to vote for Zverev. Yummy! But those beige shorts…are almost brown! Yuck. I would really be voting for what is IN the outfit, not the outfit itself. So I had to go with the elegant Nike black and white. But this one was a close call. 🙂

  4. NO! Those shorts are NOT brown! They’re TAN! Tan is completely different from brown! 😂

    Yes, fine, I see the problem with Thiem’s shorts, and yes, Zverev looks like he’s ready to set sail. I’ll have to do a better job selecting the photos next time.

    Jeez, you’re a tough crew!

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