Friday Fashion Face-off: The Sock Edition

No, not Jack Sock. Tennis socks.

When you hear the term tennis sock, you probably picture the cute low-cut socks that sit just below the ankle. If you’re of a certain age, you’ll remember they once had colorful pompoms on the back. I may have even owned a few pairs of these myself.

Tennis players still wear those socks, of course, minus the pompoms. But every so often you see someone in knee socks. Bethanie Mattek-Sands was the first player I ever saw in knee-high legwear, often in combination with pink hair and eye black. Bethanie wears compression socks, but based on the photo below, I’m guessing she’d wear wacky knee socks even without a medical reason.

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Bethanie is one of my absolute favorite players, so I’m not going to include her in the poll. I can’t have you writing snarky comments about her.

Fortunately I found two other knee sock-wearing players. At this week’s tournament in Stuttgart, Laura Siegemund bucked convention by combining sporty white knee socks with a feminine black tennis dress–an striking contrast in color, style and texture.

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And at last year’s U.S. Open, Alexander Zverev debuted an outfit designed by music-veteran-turned-fashion-neophyte Pharrell Williams. (Reportedly, Zverev wanted to push the socks down around his ankles but didn’t dare with Pharrell sitting in the stands.)

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Both Zverev and Siegemund won only one match in their respective tournaments. No word on whether this had anything to do with their legwear.

We have two important sock-themed fashion polls today.






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  1. Short socks essential, have to be high enough to avoid the clay getting in when playing outside.. but avoid suntan lines !

    1. Good point–these players must look ridiculous at the beach! And I hate coming home with clay on my feet. Is there a sock brand that’s perfect for this?

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