Friday Fashion Face-off

In last week’s Borg/McEnroe face-off, we ridiculed the short-shorts of the early ’80s. But over the last year or so, I’ve noticed men’s shorts creeping up again. Nadal was one of the first to raise his hemline, but others soon followed. He’s an interesting fashion trendsetter, although those early pirate pants never quite caught on.

So let’s look back at his hemline extremes at the Monte Carlo tournament. First, we have the pirate pants from 2005, the year he won his first Monte Carlo title.

Embed from Getty Images


Next we have his outfit from this week’s event, repeating the orange-and-white theme, but with shorts at least eight inches higher.

Embed from Getty Images


3 thoughts on “Friday Fashion Face-off

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  1. I generally lean toward all things pirate (eye patches, shoulder parrots, wooden stump legs, that sort of thing), but I’m going to have to go with the much cleaner 2018 look. The 2005 homeboy-shorts and muscle tee version makes him look like a sweaty19 year old. Oh wait…


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