My Tennis Report Card


We played our first spring league match yesterday in the dreaded outdoors. One of our opponents remarked that she hated playing outside, calling herself a “whiner.” Of course, I can relate. In fact, my first blog post could have been titled “Whining about Playing Outside.”

In my first blog post, if you didn’t see it, I had researched some tips to help me with the transition to outdoor tennis. With my first match behind me, it’s time to grade myself on how well I heeded my own advice. (I’m great at coming up with self-improvement ideas. It’s the follow-through that’s often lacking.) Here’s my report card: Continue reading “My Tennis Report Card”

Taking My Game Outside

Spring is finally here, and for those of us in New England, that means tennis is moving outdoors. Most of the players I know get positively giddy at the thought. The fresh air! The sun! The unlimited free court time! It’s tennis the way it’s meant to be! Continue reading “Taking My Game Outside”

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