Friday Fashion Face-off: Best Dressed Princess at Wimbledon

Can it really be time for another best-dressed-at-a-slam award? Wimbledon comes fast on the heels of the French Open, all the more so when you’re writing a tennis blog.

We’re supposed to be voting on the men today, but every time I check out the men’s photos, my eyes glaze over. White shorts and white short-sleeve tee. White shorts and tee. White shorts and tee. It’s too boring for words.

There was a little red trim on Jo-Wilfried Tsonga’s outfit today. Let’s just call this one for him and move on to a more interesting face-off: the Ladies of the Royal Box.

From what I can glean from the tabloid covers, the two loveliest royals have been feuding lately over…well, I can’t imagine what. Who gets the fattest wardrobe budget? Who gets to wear the tallest tiara? What could they possibly have to complain about?

Actually, one of them will have something to complain about, because one of them is about to lose this poll. Continue reading “Friday Fashion Face-off: Best Dressed Princess at Wimbledon”

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