What’s Your Tennis Temperament?

A few weeks ago I was at my tennis club, waiting for the start of my match. On Court 1, two singles players from a higher division were competing. It was a fierce match with excellent shot-making. Ten or fifteen of us gathered by the court, enjoying the show.

At the end of one point, the visiting player called out “Stupid b—!” The home team captain sitting by my side stared at me slack-jawed for a moment. After a laugh, we decided the player was probably berating herself for losing that point. Continue reading “What’s Your Tennis Temperament?”

Movie Review: Borg vs. McEnroe

If you’ve looked at the About Me section of this blog, you know I was a bit of a Borg fan as a teen. Okay, more than a bit. If the Internet had been around, I’d have been in cyberstalker territory for sure.

So I was excited for the US opening of Borg vs. McEnroe, the movie immortalizing their dramatic 1980 Wimbledon championship match. The movie is in limited release, and the closest showing was an hour’s drive away. I didn’t care. I had to see it, and I had to see it on a big screen. Continue reading “Movie Review: Borg vs. McEnroe”

Friday “Flashback” Fashion Face-off

Wow, look at that alliteration! That’s a mouthful.

Today is the much-awaited (by me, anyway) opening of Borg vs. McEnroe, the movie about the famous rivalry and the 1980 Wimbledon Championship. I’ll be driving to Salem to see it later today. Meanwhile, let’s take a moment to consider the era’s tennis fashion. Ooh, those are tiny shorts…

Which of these multi-Slam-winning icons rocks the short-shorts best? (Try to ignore the crazy hair, if you can. I know it’s tough. But we’re voting fashion, not hair!)

Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images


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