The Serving Challenge Update (with Bonus Face-off!)

I’m on day eight of my July Tennis Challenge. For those who aren’t following this blog as closely as they should, my plan is to improve my serve by serving 100 balls a day.

All I initially planned to do was add a knee bend to my current service motion. That by itself would present a challenge as I’d have to get used to an altered rhythm and timing. But the change was small, and I felt confident of eventual success.

But then my club pro got involved. He was unimpressed with my simple knee bend idea. (Really, he’s been unimpressed with my serve from the day I met him, particularly my serving grip. Every year, he’s after me to change. Every year, I tell him it’s not happening.) Continue reading “The Serving Challenge Update (with Bonus Face-off!)”

July’s Tennis Goal

I play fewer competitive matches during the summer, which makes this the perfect time for tinkering with the mechanics of my game. (I never want to be transitioning to a new stroke when my team is in the midst of a season!)

My game offers so many areas for improvement: get more bite on my slice, increase the topspin on my forehand, keep my eye on the ball more, split step, finish my shot, improve the consistency of my service toss, develop more punch on my backhand volley….

That’s a lot to think about, and too often I fail to improve in any area because I’m spreading my focus too thin.

So I decided to take the month of July to work on only one thing–beefing up my serve. I already have a decent serve, but I can add more zip by incorporating a knee bend. Continue reading “July’s Tennis Goal”

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