The Match-Day Recipe Contest Winner!!!

The food has been cooked and the votes have been counted. We have a winner for the Match-Day Recipe Contest!

Let’s look at the recipes one more time. First we had Martha’s recipe for Rainbow Quinoa Salad. I made it, and it was everything it was cracked up to be. Colorful, healthful, flavorful. I can see why this dish is a crowd-pleaser. But as Martha herself pointed out, it wasn’t exactly easy to make. I’m not throwing this together the morning of a match.

Plus, the ingredients include pomegranate molasses, which I’ve decided is automatically disqualifying. It’s true the contest rules didn’t explicitly state “No hoity-toity ingredients,” but if you read the fine print in the original posting, you’ll see the following legal disclaimer: “Contest rules are subject to change on whim and without notice.”

(It’s very fine print. You have to zoom in a lot.)

So Martha’s recipe is a no-go for me, but definitely a keeper for those of you looking to use up that bottle of pomegranate molasses. Continue reading “The Match-Day Recipe Contest Winner!!!”

The 5-Minute Warm Up

Hey, look! A video! Damn, this blog is getting fancy!

I asked my physical therapist to show me how to warm up my shoulder before I play tennis. She obliged with a whole-body warm-up that takes only five minutes. Check it out and share with your friends! Continue reading “The 5-Minute Warm Up”

The Match Day Recipe Contest

QOn Saturday, I took the train to NY to see the Downton Abbey movie with my daughter. (Yes, I’m a nerd. We already knew that.)

Here’s what I ate during my day in one of the great food capitals of the world:

  • A banana
  • A Dunkin’ Donuts “Beyond Sausage” breakfast sandwich (insufficiently greasy)
  • A bag of movie popcorn (cold and stale)
  • A TGI Friday’s house salad (almost 100% pale lettuce)
  • A TGI Friday’s brownie sundae (very awesome)

From this food log, we can infer two things. One, I’m an unhealthy eater. And two, I’m not a foodie.

Although I wish I were a healthier eater, I’m okay with my low-brow food preferences. Judge me if you will, but a bowl of cereal for dinner suits me just fine. I’d rather make super-quick Minute Rice than spend half an hour on basmati. And for my money, one of the world’s greatest cheeses shoots out of a spray can.

But Raisin Bran and Cheez Wiz won’t cut it when my team hosts a tennis match. On those days, our tennis league expects us to provide refreshments. I usually bring a fruit salad, a store-bought dessert, or some other dish that requires no skill. I leave it to my more sophisticated teammates to handle the “main course” items. Continue reading “The Match Day Recipe Contest”

Coping with Plantar Fasciitis (with bonus video of my foot!)

We’re back from hiatus! I enjoyed my break, but I have to admit it’s a challenge to get back into the swing of things. A blog post three times a week?! That can’t be right. I can’t possibly have that much to say!

In fact, I was having some trouble coming up with a post topic for today–at least one that didn’t involve any research. But as so often happens, the blog gods took pity on me and dropped a topic in my lap.

I was watching some matches at my tennis club this morning when a friend approached me to ask if I’d ever dealt with plantar fasciitis. (She seemed to already know that I had, which makes me suspect I was a whiny baby about it back then!)

Now, I’m not a doctor, nor do I play one on TV. But I dispensed the general advice that helped me during my own bout a number of years ago. Since plantar fasciitis seems to be a fairly common complaint among tennis players, I’m going to pass that advice on to you. Continue reading “Coping with Plantar Fasciitis (with bonus video of my foot!)”

A Tennis Twofer

Today is your lucky day because we have a tennis twofer–two topics in a single blog post! You can’t say you’re not getting your money’s worth with LittleYellowBall!

Our first piece of business is wrapping up the Serena Williams saga. No doubt more will transpire in this story, but after today I’m done. (Well, unless something really exciting happens.) Continue reading “A Tennis Twofer”

August’s Tennis Challenge: Hydration

(In talking to a friend the other day, I realized I had given short shrift to my August hydration challenge. Here’s a longer post about this month’s goal…)

You know how every problem in your life is your mother’s fault? Well, here’s another one I’m adding to my list: Ignoring my thirst. Continue reading “August’s Tennis Challenge: Hydration”

Refilling the Tank

For years I’ve brought a banana to my tennis matches. It seemed like the perfect pick-me-up food. It has carbs. It has potassium. It has a peel so your hands don’t get sticky.

Besides, I used to see Nadal and Sharapova chowing down on bananas during the changeovers. Hey, if it’s good enough for them, it’s good enough for me!

But lately I’ve been seeing fewer bananas on the court and more energy gels. The pros tear open the foil packets and squeeze the gel directly into their mouths. It all looks very science-y and futuristic, like something astronauts would eat. Continue reading “Refilling the Tank”

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