The Match-Day Recipe Contest Winner!!!

The food has been cooked and the votes have been counted. We have a winner for the Match-Day Recipe Contest!

Let’s look at the recipes one more time. First we had Martha’s recipe for Rainbow Quinoa Salad. I made it, and it was everything it was cracked up to be. Colorful, healthful, flavorful. I can see why this dish is a crowd-pleaser. But as Martha herself pointed out, it wasn’t exactly easy to make. I’m not throwing this together the morning of a match.

Plus, the ingredients include pomegranate molasses, which I’ve decided is automatically disqualifying. It’s true the contest rules didn’t explicitly state “No hoity-toity ingredients,” but if you read the fine print in the original posting, you’ll see the following legal disclaimer: “Contest rules are subject to change on whim and without notice.”

(It’s very fine print. You have to zoom in a lot.)

So Martha’s recipe is a no-go for me, but definitely a keeper for those of you looking to use up that bottle of pomegranate molasses. Continue reading “The Match-Day Recipe Contest Winner!!!”

The Match Day Recipe Contest

QOn Saturday, I took the train to NY to see the Downton Abbey movie with my daughter. (Yes, I’m a nerd. We already knew that.)

Here’s what I ate during my day in one of the great food capitals of the world:

  • A banana
  • A Dunkin’ Donuts “Beyond Sausage” breakfast sandwich (insufficiently greasy)
  • A bag of movie popcorn (cold and stale)
  • A TGI Friday’s house salad (almost 100% pale lettuce)
  • A TGI Friday’s brownie sundae (very awesome)

From this food log, we can infer two things. One, I’m an unhealthy eater. And two, I’m not a foodie.

Although I wish I were a healthier eater, I’m okay with my low-brow food preferences. Judge me if you will, but a bowl of cereal for dinner suits me just fine. I’d rather make super-quick Minute Rice than spend half an hour on basmati. And for my money, one of the world’s greatest cheeses shoots out of a spray can.

But Raisin Bran and Cheez Wiz won’t cut it when my team hosts a tennis match. On those days, our tennis league expects us to provide refreshments. I usually bring a fruit salad, a store-bought dessert, or some other dish that requires no skill. I leave it to my more sophisticated teammates to handle the “main course” items. Continue reading “The Match Day Recipe Contest”

Friday Fashion Face-off: Team Uniforms

As promised, we’re voting on team uniforms today! In Wednesday’s post, I weighed the pros and cons of uniforms. Although my team has never worn them, I’m wondering if it might be time for a change.

Sadly, most of the team uniforms I see online are uninspired, just a solid top and skirt in the most basic of hues. Yawn. Perhaps the manufacturers keep it simple knowing that it’s easier for a team to achieve consensus that way–no one’s thrilled with the choice, but no one’s refusing to wear it either.

I can’t foist mediocre tenniswear on my team–we deserve way better than that! So I’m choosing my nominees from the regular, non-team collections. Continue reading “Friday Fashion Face-off: Team Uniforms”

Match Day Attire

I was toying with a couple of ideas for today’s blog, not really feeling any of them, until I read Martha’s funny comment on yesterday’s post. If you didn’t see it, I posted a clip of the absurdly over-produced pre-match player introduction at the St. Petersburg Open, complete with gyrating girls and glow-in-the-dark racquets.

Martha suggested her team adopt the girls’ belly-baring attire as their team uniform for the upcoming season. And then it hit me–I should write about team uniforms! Continue reading “Match Day Attire”

Meet the Coach: Erin Reeves

I recently had the pleasure of interviewing tennis coach Erin Reeves, 2017 recipient of the USPTA’s High School Coach of the Year in New England. A graduate of Fairfield University, Erin coaches the girls’ tennis team at Wayland High School in Massachusetts. Under her leadership, the team made it to the finals of the 2016 state championship before winning the whole enchilada in 2017. Erin also coaches adults and children at the Needham Pool and Racquet Club.

Do you have a particular philosophy toward teaching tennis?
In general, the longer I teach, I more I realize you really have to meet people where they are and then work to find ways to challenge them to make them better. On my high school team we have a range of levels, and each girl wants to get something different out of their experience. I try to make it fun for everyone while giving each girl the opportunity to improve their game. Continue reading “Meet the Coach: Erin Reeves”

Getting in a Groove with a New Partner

Each of my tennis leagues presents its own unique challenges. In my just-ended Saturday league, we endured the get-our-butts-kicked-every-week challenge. In spring league, we need to adapt to outdoor conditions. For my fall/winter DBH league, there’s the administrative hassles of being captain.

My summer USTA league presents two challenges for me. The first is playing at night. As a ridiculously early riser–Hello, 4 a.m.!–starting a match at 8 p.m. seems crazy. Unfortunately, no one has asked my opinion about the schedule.

The other challenge is getting partnered with people I haven’t played with before. This seems to happen more in USTA than in my other leagues, probably because the evening hours attract a different subset of players than I normally see. Continue reading “Getting in a Groove with a New Partner”

There’s No “I” in Team (But There Is in Tennis)


Team tennis is a strange hybrid. In other major sports, all the players participate in the same game. At Foxboro on game day, Brady, Gronkowski, and Edelman take the same field.

In team tennis, with the exception of your doubles partner, you’re on your own. Your teammates play their own separate matches on other courts. It’s an odd marriage of self-reliance and teamwork. Continue reading “There’s No “I” in Team (But There Is in Tennis)”

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