Andy Murray Is on Tennis Channel Right Now

Any Andy Murray fans out there? After hip surgery and fearing he’d never be able to compete again, he’s back playing doubles on grass at Queens Club in England, a warm-up tournament to Wimbledon. I just happened to turn on the Tennis Channel–and there he is!

They’re still in the first set, so go turn it on!!!

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  1. I saw this blog post too late to watch it. How does Andy’s game look? Did he win his round?

    1. He won and he looked amazing! He was partnered with Feliciano Lopez, and they took down the #1 seeds in straight sets.

      It was great to see Murray play doubles. He has unbelievable touch and court sense, but you don’t get to experience that aspect of his game nearly as much when he plays singles. Doubles really showcases how complete his game is. Plus, he’s less curmudgeonly playing doubles than singles. He actually celebrated points and smiled–nice to see more of his true personality shine through.

      I expect he’ll be playing again tomorrow, but who knows when.

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