A Quickie Poll: Will Maria Beat Serena Tomorrow???

In my recent post about Sharapova, I said she’d never beat Serena. (Well, of course, she has beaten her twice…but the last time was fourteen years ago!)

I wasn’t expecting Sharapova to get another crack at it so soon. The two career-slammers will meet tomorrow in the fourth round of the French Open. Sharapova looked sharp in her demolition of Pliskova yesterday…but Pliskova also looked uninspired and flat throughout the match.

Whatever happens tomorrow, we know Serena’s going to be gunning to win. Serena’s looking impressive but still seems a step slower than her old self. If Maria’s ever going to save some face, now would be the time.

Google says the match starts at 5 a.m., but I’m not sure how accurate that is. Set your DVRs, if you’re not already up milking the cows like I am.


*Edited to read 4th round, not the quarters. 

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  1. I think Serena will be quite motivated to maintain her record. And we know her ability to deliver on her motivation is tremendous. But I think Maria will give her a hard time. Still, I expect Serena to take the day.

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