Tick, tick, tick… Time is running out to enter the acronym contest! Here’s the scoop:

Write an acronym about what to look for when assessing your opponent’s game. Ideally, the acronym will spell a word with some relevance to tennis. Winner gets a can of tennis balls. Get the full story at Sizing Up the Opponent.

Deadline is tonight at 9! Good luck!

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  1. I love Flubs and I’m stealing it to use when I play my matches . Now I just have to remember what it stands for

  2. I am too late for this won. I notice whether a lefty (used to always be late on this one). Whether they have touch shots or seem to be all about pace, and do they seem to like to run / have good movement. The problem is there is vowels for the acronym: L(lefty) T (touch or all pace) and F(feet). So I lose on multiple grounds.

    1. Thank you. Just read my response and counted so many grammatical errors (won vs one, sentences missing key words like “no vowels”) that I only win for reading your blog and enjoying the responses.

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